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KW: It is fortuitous that I was away from almost all media over the weekend as the events in this country have shattered our innocence and thoughts of being a safe haven amid a world of rotten people often national leaders of countries with whom we trade, and as unimagined slaughter occurred in our peaceful garden city of Christchurch. That a foreigner is accused of this with seemingly the acknowledgement of Australian authorities including the Australian Prime Minister bares credence to our Prime Ministers statements to us and the world “This is not who we are”. He deliberately chose a safe place to come and do his dirty work a place where everyone until now could really feel safe amidst a world of bombs, drone missile attacks and killing of innocent people in a struggle for global dominacne of one nation over another.I am grateful that Jacinda Adern has shown so much empathy, grace and leadership during this time of national mourning, she has revealed herself as a strong principled leader, and I could think of no one better in these tryng circumstances to lead our nation in its grief, scarf or no scarf. I was particularly glad to hear that she apparantly replied to Trump when he said what could the U.S. do to help  that apparantly he ‘could learn to love Muslim people more’ although I have not discovered the source of this quote anywhere so far.

So a gunman live steams his murderous action for the world to see. Where could he get such an idea? It shows the twisted thinking he holds onto not so dissimilar to that of extremeist Queensland MP Pauline Hanson whose ignorance and bitterness shows no understanding of how the ‘invasion’ threats she speaks of have come about in Europe and the U.K.  It hasn’t occurred to her that if you desimate a country with war as has happend in Syria, Somalia, Lybia, Iraq and Afghanastan that the pople want to escape the war for a safer place to live. Think too for a moment about the video games you see advertised on mainstream TV. How often do they portray exactly what apparently has been done by this shooter Brenton Tarrant who thought he would share his grisly murder spree live on Facebook. (I spoke with a young man in Auckland who said he was watching it and had to turn it off because it was so shocking). These games are poison to the soul but they are the creation of sometimes major U.S. studios and sold to our kids to ‘play’ on their computers… and how often is it that the people getting shot and killed appear to be Arabs? This is all mind twisting stuff that is being fed to our kids,poison to their souls and of course it is the pedlars of this poison who get away free and bank huge profits on the sale of this rubbish that is eating away at the structure of society as we know it.

And while I am at it. I keep coming back to the centre point for and commencement of all this anti Muslim hate. When did it all start? Obviously 9/11 is when this’ war on terror’ by the United States commenced, but it was a war on Arabs and Muslims fought not on U.S. soil but in their own lands on the fraudulant premise that it was 18 Muslim suicide bombers who hijacked civilian jets and attacked the twin towers – four of them in total. Trouble is 16 of the 18 alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia but where did the U.S. attack with its war on terror? Iraq, Lybia and Afghanastan! Where is the logic of that? 9/11 was just the excuse for war on Muslims the world over. Additionally there is no evidence whatsoever of the 2 planes, one allegedly attacking the Pentagon and the other crashing into a Pennsylvania field as there was no wreakage found at either site and as we have recently been shown in Eithiopia when a plane hits the ground there is a lot of wreakage to see as well as bodies or body parts and luggage. None at either of these two crash sites. How does that happen?  As well the twin towers did not fall down by heat from fires as the 3,000 Architects and Engineers Union point out. This they all argue was an impossibility, yet their calls for a fresh investigation go unheaded. The twin towers collapse at freefall speed is not possible they say, BUT. Mainstream media ever since 9/11 have been carrying the same story that it was Muslim extremists who attacked in the U.S. and every time the story is repeated prejudice builds up against the Muslim community. The prejudice is orchestrated by mainstream all of whom are now wringing their hands in wonderment at how this sort of atrocity could have happened. The prejudice has its genesiis with the 9/11 tale spread by the U.S. government and the compliant (You’re either with us or against us) mainstream media that has gone along with the lie and doesn’t research the truth.

Anyway I will be attending any local ceremony of support and encourage all who can to do the same to show the world that this is not who we are! In the meantime Zerohedge has some important information for people still enthralled with callous murder. Watch out it will be costly. As a Facebook non user I have better things to do but I imagine that Tarrant is going to turn his trial into a political stunt similar to that murder trial in Norway a few years back. Whatever happens I personally hate seeing my country being turned upside down by an event as ghastly as this and being the scrutiny of idoit annalysis and media and other commentators the world over as is already happening by the firearms lobby in the U.S. We can do without your automatic weapons of death being available to anyone.

“He has been charged under the Films Videos and Publications Classification Act”

Source: 22-Year-Old New Zealand Man To Appear In Court For Sharing Mosque Attack Video | Zero Hedge

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