The Beginning of the End – Peter Schiff’s Keynote at Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2019

KW: I have a bit of time for Schiff as he says things that mainstream don’t want to hear. Bit by bit he is being proved right. Worth taking notes from

From Zerohedge: Peter Schiff, the President and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, and one of the few who predicted the 2008 Great Recession before it happened has said that what we are experiencing now is “the beginning of the end.” Schiff made his comments during his keynote speech at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

The economic guru says that the Federal Reserve has made the decision to halt interest rate hikes in order to attempt to save the flailing stock market – the key indicator for far too many of how “healthy” the economy is at current. According to Seeking Alpha, the markets responded to the Fed’s decision in a positive manner, leading many to think we are “out of the woods” and no longer in danger of a recession.

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