Agreements and failure to keep them

News is that North Korea has cancelled scheduled talks with the South due to the military exercises between the south and the U.S.

We should expect this to be the case as if North Korea gives up it’s nuclear deterent it will surely go the same way as Gaddafi in Libya some years ago The provokative act is completely out of keeping with the obvious concession the North Korean have agreed upon to implement including destroying its nuclear test facility. The lesson is clear.: The U.S. does not want peace and these military exercises with the South are designed to keep the South in play as a vassal state and subject to American rule. Kim Jong-Un will be foolish to abandon his nuclear weapons as they are the only reason why the U.S. is talking. Once they have gone there is nothing in their was to stop them invading the North. The rogue state is indeed the U.S.

Meanwhile European countries, signatories to the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran  have vowed to continue with the deal following agreement with Iran to do so.The US has threatened sanctions against any countries or companies continuing to do business with Iran, which has gone over poorly in European capitals.

Finally George Galloway slays the Trump decison to announce Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and denounces the Israeli action in Gaza as a massacre.

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