Alex Jones of Infowars reacts to Clintons personal attack

KW: Clinton may have made a fatal mistake. She has attacked what she calls the Alt Right; far right wing extremism she says. In naming Infowars and Breitbart as part of this far right she has highlighted that there are thousands of people searching for truth and now realising that mainstream media, (CNN, Fox News, NBC, ABC, Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post etc) is simply a pawn of the neocons who have invested mega millions into the Clinton campaign to ensure her victory and a continuation of the Empire of Chaos from which they all extract billions. Of course in keeping with our warning that should she win the Presidency then we will all very soon witness a hot war with Russia she has stated that Donald Trump is a puppet an agent of Vladimir Putin. Always blame Russia, its the American (or Clinton) way. Alex Jones goes head to head. This is getting interesting.

Alex Jones of Infowars speaks.

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