America meddles and interferes again and again

KW: My contempt for the U.S. grows daily. We are bombarded with propaganda from the U.S. media. Indeed our media are simple organs of the American deep state. It’s not surprising that TV1 & TV3 are forced to take out adds promoting their news as ‘our news, New Zealand’s news’ because they know it’s nothing of the sort. Who cares about an American story showing and American soldier (usually an invader of another country) doing some sort of humanitarian task with a trapped animal or similar in a war torn zone that they have just destroyed. Those stories are NOT New Zealand’s news but that’s what we get now-a- days. Here is my rant

It’s another day in paradise New Zealand where the major political issue is whether Labourites will continue with their current leader into the election just weeks away. (They didn’t!) Committing political suicide is allowed but it doesn’t necessarily point to a rout by the governing National party in the coming election.

One thing however, perhaps pointing to our global insignificance, is that no one individual or no party has been sanctioned by the United States so far. Nor have we had a trade embargo placed on our oil dairy exports and even better still the Americans are not arming Winston Peters with military equipment and tanks to overthrow the about to be elected new government, placing parliament under siege to eject the last 6 years of immigrants back to where they came from, seizing their assets just for good measure and declaring war on North Korea.

Incredible eh?

But actually no. Not in other parts of the world. Here we see the evil hand of United States doing exactly that, lying about what they are actually doing to keep us all off the scent (stench) of what they really do around the world.

Take the current news from Venezuela where they has just been a national election that has resulted in the ruling party gaining a significant majority that allows constitutional reforms to be implemented. But no. Democracy like this is not understood in the United States. American democracy is about bribes, intimidation and media manipulation if not sudden death to anyone about to spill the beans on any candidate with an evil past such as Hillary Clinton and the Democatic Party but still resulted in the chaos of Trump.

The national elections in Venezuela are automatically declared ‘illegitimate’ by the U.S. holding Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ‘responsible’. He is now personally sanctioned by the U.S. They said that they would not recognize the results of Venezuela’s constituent assembly election. Why? Because they are trying to force regime change (out with the socialists and in with right wing conservatives that the U.S. can control) so as to control Venezuela’s vast oil and mineral wealth. Having funded the opposition gangs to cause as much chaos as possible during the election an election result that increases the power of Maduro is unacceptable to the American deep state thugs.

Funding and arming opposition groups is a speciality of the CIA as the Ukraine has demonstrated once more. The narrative of Russian involvement in the Ukraine is a lie to cover American objectives and interference in creating tensions with Russia. Now long time war monger and brain scambled Russaphobic Sen. John McCain is celebrating the news that the Pentagon is going to rearm Ukraine with anti tank missiles and weaponry as the response to Russia sending home American diplomats following the passing by the U.S. Congress of more sanctions against Russia. American politicians acknowledge that after nearly a year of digging through dirt they still have no evidence of Russia hacking the U.S. election, not the CIA, the FBI, the NSA nor the Director of National Intelligence can find a scrap of evidence but truth is not a big part of ‘democracy’ in the U.S. The new Russian sanctions bill passed by Congress is an act of reckless idiocy. It was done without consulting Europe which will bear the cost of the bill, might even reject it, thus sending shock waves through the fragile American empire. They see the sanctions as simply a U.S. ploy to detach Russian oil & gas supplies to Europe replacing this with American supply. Even the Washington Post, an initiator and leader of the breathless “Russian collusion” lie has now published an article, “The quest to Prove Collusion is Crumbling,” that concludes that the entire orchestration is a hoax.

Democracy in the U.S. is about who paid for your election campaign to get you to Congress and now the deep state military/industrial complex is being rewarded by a mindless vote to sanction Russia for something that is only a media beat-up demonstrating openly that it was Washington involvement in Ukraine that was the problem all along, not Russia. The goal of these Washington psychopaths is war with Russia not more peaceful relations as Trump desires. He is simply sidelined now from that sensible objective.

American meddling in other countries affairs is as old as Noah. It is disgraceful of our New Zealand government having anything to do with this terrorist state. Far from being the leader of the free world the U.S. is the most dangerous and subversive country in the world and we should have nothing to do with it and it’s wars. They are training jihadists in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq all the meantime saying they are at war with these people, the lies just extend beyond belief. Pity it was only 3 green berets returned home from Jordan in body bags where they were training jihadists.

The article posted next regarding the child beheading video in Syria by U.S. backed ‘moderate rebels’ is an example of this desecration of humanity from U.S. actions. 

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