Australian Government is Put on Notice by Medical Professionals – The Expose

The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (“AMPS”) has published an email sent to all Australian colleges and associations of medicine, health and science and copied to all Australian Federal, …

Source: Australian Government is Put on Notice by Medical Professionals – The Expose

KW: At last something is of course bound to happen and now it is. We in New Zealand remain in the dark ages and amidst the lies generated by the Adern government. They almost by themselves now stand alone in the opinion that masks are still needed and provide some sort of protection and the vaccine is the only way to protect yourself from covid19, something that anyone with a brain can see is not the fact of the matter at all with thousands of more new infections every day being recorded. These are not unvaccinated people finally getting around to gettting jabbed. If you have resisted taking the jab up to now you are very unlikely to capitulate at the last minute and now comply just because Adern says you should. You are first educated about the whole negative program, you realise you have been lied to and for your own healths sake you are very unlikely to fold at this stage because you have listened t global medical leaders about the dangers of the covid shot and are not likely to put your life at risk because Adern and Bloomfield tells this is what you have to do.

These liars will eventually be brought to justice somehow and someway as will the people they have employed to spread the dangerous lies on their behalf such as the pink hared dragon and the Otago University person Michael Baker