The Battle to be GM free is under threat from the National Government in New Zealand.

KW: It’s almost too hard to believe but it is consistent with a government out of touch with reality, on a suicidal policy bent and that showed them hastening to sign NZ up to the TPPA treaty that would gift NZ sovereignty to foreign courts with decisions made by corporate appointed judges over the possibility that local decisions could be to the detriment of foreign corporate profits under the ISDS clauses that were in that treaty. Thankfully it took Donald Trump has saved us from our governments stupidity by tearing the TPPA to shreds and refusing to sign it.

Clause 360D in the Resource Management Act  bill (an amendment bill) is along similar lines, it takes away the ability of the regions to make their own  decisions on key issues such as being GM Free and protecting the environment. Just why the NZ government is so keen to weaken local democracy with threatening laws that would eliminate local decision making is sickening but they are…. and we ALL need to support the local policy of the regional leaders. Simply refuse to support any political party that promotes 360D.  I notice Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule in this video speaking as Mayor but now he is the National Party candidate for the region. Will he simply fold to the party line? I hope not.


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