Biggest Strategic Defeat for U.S. Since WW II?

KW: Nomi Prins is usually right on the money with her economic comments as a former FED insider she knows a thing or two. The question is will our government yield to U.S. pressure and ban Huawei or will N.Z. embrace it’s own pathway ahead and ignore the American bullying and go with the most technologically advanced 5G network system? The U.S. technology aparantly is inferior so why not Huawei? This has always been a high stakes game where Trump has attempted to break down the largest telecommunications company in China as part of his ongoing trade war on China. Maybe its ending in failure but…. Regrettably the signs are not good as our government yields meekly to U.S. bullying in most instances. eg what on earth our  soldiers doing in Iraq if not obeying a command to be part of the ‘coalition of the willing’ fighting America’s wars of occupation and terroism?

American Flag Torn

The British government has announced plans to allow Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, to build the next generation of 5G networks in their country, despite U.S. pressuring for a total ban on Huawei products. Britain says the company will not have access to “security critical “ core areas. But the Trump administration has been actively pushing for a ban on Huawei’s products, claiming that China could use the products for intelligence gathering purposes.

The administration’s put UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson under immense pressure to ban Huawei from his country.

Now former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the British decision is a massive blow against President Trump and the U.S. In fact, Gingrich goes so far as to call the British decision “the biggest strategic defeat for the U.S. since the early days of WWII.”

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2 thoughts on “Biggest Strategic Defeat for U.S. Since WW II?

  1. So we let China completely dominate our Nations Telecommunications.
    So the Communist Party, the ruthless Communist Party completely dominates our Nations Telecommunications.
    So the Communist Socialist Labour Party has permanent source of funding and gearing for elections etc.
    So Cindy ( Little/Clark ) the Natural Born Killer goes to China for 12 hours:
    Hall of Peoples Reception.
    State Banquet.
    And BOWS to Chinese Communist Party Chairman and a quick chat. Sheep come to mind, freezing works holding pens.

    1. Oh Dear. Have you checked under the bed yet, sound like they are already there.

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