China To Accelerate Release Of “Unreliable Entity List” In Response To Xinjiang Bill, Stocks Swoon | Zero Hedge

KW: Trump too charge (if you can ignore the so far 3years of ‘overthrow Trump’ activity culminating inthe current DNC impeachement farce) of a near bankrupt U.S. economy showing signs of drowning in a sea of debt. While this scenario is going to have to keep going on and building for sometime yet there appears to be enough printed currency around to prevent a crash except for Trumps solution to the crisis. “make America great again’ is actually trying to use the last vestage of global power the U.S. has, indeed it real hegemony over the world, to bludgeon China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey indeed it very NATO ‘allies’ by imposing billions in tarrifs and sanctions on these countries casuing the whole system to lose its balance. China and Russia particularly are being funnelled together and are connecting in many different ways joing together on a new common currency not controlled by the U.S. thereby eliminating the use of the U.S.$ from trade between countries. The significance of the gas pipeline from Siberia to China being commissioned and up and running can’t be underestimated,:no $’s involved in a multi billion $ project plus U.S. gas supplies to China fall to zero. China’s cold war with America took a new turn this week with Trump signing into law new restrictions against Honk Kong the riots of which were stirred and fuelled by the CIA to create instability on China’s doorstep. So far China has rolled with the punches and despite western media beating up the threat of China moving into Hong Kong China is assuming the $ as reserve currncy will quietly die.  But America’s overt aggression on both trade and Hong Kong is increasingly likely to provoke a more serious response.

The very core and symbol of U.S. financial hegemony over and around the world  is Wall Street bankers & traders who continue to believe that Trump is doing great thnigs and these other economies are just going to submit to U.S. financial pressure but this is not going to happen in my opinion. One reason is the failure of U.S. financial agencies to understand that China is a centrally controlled economy and the principles they apply in their reasoning don’t apply to China. Maybe this article indicates that China is not the pushover they all think and the fight back has started.


And just like that weeks of trade deal optimism are getting swept away by the cold, hard reality.

Source: China To Accelerate Release Of “Unreliable Entity List” In Response To Xinjiang Bill, Stocks Swoon | Zero Hedge

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