Clark hits out over Ardern ‘pretty communist’ attack – NZ Herald

KW: There is the biggest division between rural and urban that I have known for decades. As this article points out Jacinda Adern and the Labour Party have huge opposition in rural electorates with the accusation of her being a communist(whats that?) simply being the current hi-lite of that division. Th election has polarised this division becasue of Labours somewhat bungled position on taxing water users, including dairy farmers, in an attempt to recover the shattered image New Zealand once had as a clean and green environment that is so attractive to foreigners wishing to visit or come and live, with tourism being our biggest revenue earner now larger than agriculture. It was only a decade ago that this image remained intact but just 10 short years later under the National government that has encouraged big irrigation that has lifted dairy production and earned lots of foreign exchange in buoyant commodity markets for dairy produce, the clean green image is shattered. Everyone can attest to polluted rivers from dairy run-off, but of course it’s more than just dairy that is the issue. New Zealand has simply not cared about our environment – all of us- and all of a sudden it’s caught up with us. The rural community feel overtly blamed for this tragedy and surely must shoulder much of the blame but we still have urban communities responsible for significant discharge of waste as well as industrial users of water. So water has become a major issue where in regions like South Canterbury and Hawke’s Bay artesian water is being captured and bottled by industry for export becasue of its purity from certain sections of underground acquifers while the populations above struggle to access that pure water themselves for drinking purposes.

The issue of water ownership has been ducked by successive government becasue of the fear that Maori will claim the water as (somehow) being there exclusive property under the Treaty of Waitangi and this preposterous notion is reason why the past governments have not had the balls to tackle the issue of water ownership, particlarly the present National Government becasue of their reliance on the (racist) Maori party vote required to retain the government benches. What Labour has done is stir the pot and cause uproar that is now evident as per this article and is showing the urban rural divide as being very wide. The discussion is about time, it only took 10 years to wreak our international image and its going to take a lot longer to restore it with a lot of ill feeling to come out.

Rally turns nasty as Ardern subjected to ‘misogynist’ comments.

Source: Clark hits out over Ardern ‘pretty communist’ attack – NZ Herald

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