How come the building still stands?

Well I have just returned from the U.K. to the news that there has been a catastrophic and tragic fire in a high rise building in London. After flying over London on my way out I must have seen this building only minutes before the fire broke out. Our thoughts are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones in the tragedy.

But, having viewed footage as most of us have and seen that this building was engulfed both externally and internally with fire for nearly 24 hours one thing stands out  – the building is still standing and has so far not collapsed!

Lets compare this to 3 previous examples of high rise building fires this time in New York where one of the buildings didn’t suffer a plane strike or fire of any significant proportion (Building 7) while the other two main tower buildings only had brief fires (up to one and half hours only) and that in only the top floors leaving the main underneath supporting structures completely intact with all the structural integrity unaffected as they had always been for years previously with cold structural steel below the fires retaining design strength integrity but by comparison mysteriously collapsing at free-fall speed without resistance.

This is the lie and hoax of 9/11. All 3 buildings to fall that day were purposely wired for destruction, I say no Arab involved. I wonder if anyone in mainstream is going to think about this and question the issue. There are thousands of architects and engineers in the U.S. who want answers too, indeed are calling for a completely new investigation into 9/11 because they disbelieve the official narrative. There are dozens of videos on you tube for anyone interested in learning about the events of that day in 2001 if you are a truth seeker but beware if you dare talk about it even to friends the brainwashed will deny you as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. What this London building as does the tower in Dubai that flamed like a torch for hours on end proves, is that towers simply don’t collapse becasue of fire like the 9/11 ‘investigators’ reasoned.

Since then virtually all Muslim Arab states apart from Saudi Arabia and UAE have been either destroyed or are threatened by American/Israeli actions. Go figure what 9/11 was all about.

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