Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich | The New Yorker

KW: Billionaires are now spending tens of millions of dollars on secure hideouts to flee in the instance of a breakdown in  (American) society. They have features of water and food, guns and ammo, private security guards and strategic depth. In hidden Facebook groups, the ultra-wealthy reveal that they’re secretly communicating on strategy and secure locations.

“Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and a prominent investor, recalls telling a friend that he was thinking of visiting New Zealand. “Oh, are you going to get apocalypse insurance?” the friend asked. “I’m, like, Huh?” Hoffman told me. New Zealand, he discovered, is a favored refuge in the event of a cataclysm. Hoffman said, “Saying you’re ‘buying a house in New Zealand’ is kind of a wink, wink, say no more. “

These are the types of people coming to our shores having first buggered up their side of the world completely. We don’t want them!

Source: Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich | The New Yorker

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