Get ready for climate-change ’emergency’ lockdowns

President Biden claims recent hurricanes prove we’re in a “climate crisis” — “code red” for the world, he warns.

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Source: Get ready for climate-change ’emergency’ lockdowns

KW: Already, the Biden administration officials are planning to declare climate change a “health emergency” so they can order things such as “personal carbon allowances” that would limit travel by automobile or airplane and require tracking devices to enforce compliance. Climate change is only one of many policy fields where the “public health” excuse could be used for neo-fascist government control of private decisions. You can be sure that our government is also up to their neck in this type of conspiracy against us the people.

Using public health as a catch-all to ram through solutions despite evidence that those solutions will fail (eg Electric vehicles already are showing signs that NZ will not have the capacity to sharge all the EV batteries as well as maintain existing distribution for industry and domestic requirements despite the calls from major car manufacturers like Toyota to slow down and think first before capacity is exceeded) will soon undermine confidence in real public health initiatives. This trend is just one more headwind to strong economic growth because it imposes costs, destroys markets, and is inconsistent with freedom and personal choice that have always been part of the individual genius. The virus will fade in the next few years. The political and economic damage will not.