Hate Speech live and well in NZ: 1Law4All Subjected to Racist & Hate Speech Attacks | 1law4all

KW: 1 Law for All is a conservative political movement of mostly older or retired white European members that couldn’t get their act together sufficiently to become a political party at the last election or the one previos to that. “Led”  by some fairly decent people it remains as a pressure group seeking to bring about universal recognition of what the Treaty of Waitangi actually does mean but this basically sets it up as being interpreted as anti Maori which it is not but looking at  some of the comments you soon gather what the problem really is. There is a big tough with a lot of pigs in it becasue it keeps on being refilled with more of our cash and big pigs can wallow in it for years, eg. Note former Hastings MP, Rick Barker Consultancy pulling $800,000 out just last year! Important to recognise that for all the years since the Treaty was signed Europeans have lived in a priviledged manner compared to Maori and it is this that the global  ‘Black lives Matter’ movement seeks to change, at this stage without violence here in New Zealand but whites need to acknowledge this historic evidence. What rails many however is the suddenness of responsibility being transferred to this generation to repair. Plus the ferocity of many militant Maori in their response to being challenged on the historical meanings of the Treaty

Link to the Booklet here: http://1law4all.kiwi.nz/2020/03/29/treaty-con-booklet-published/


Recently 1Law4All published a booklet called To All New Zealanders: Are we being conned by the Treaty Industry? The information, facts and truths provided in the booklet have been researched over m…

Source: 1Law4All Subjected to Racist & Hate Speech Attacks | 1law4all

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