Hillary Thinks “Mr. Brexit” Is Just Another “Right-wing, Xenophobic, Sexist, Bigot” That You Should Promptly Ignore: ZeroHedge

KW: Hillary Clinton is feeling some pressure. Not only is she caught in the cross-hairs of alternative media that is now gaining strength almost daily in bringing the truth to people about what is really going on in societies, particularly in regard to her undisclosed health issues, actually naming and criticising InfoWars and Brietbart  in her criticism (KiwiWatch scans both sites for information that we think is relevant to post) but it seems her incessant lies are catching up to her in regard to the FBI actually being the discloser of the fact that she uses BleachBit to eradicate emails forever from the prying eyes of authorities. Now BleachBit is claiming that they stifled the FBI investigation into Clintons private server (nothing like publicity they say) just showing how completely corrupt and farcical the U.S. elections really are.


But back to the main story……………………..

From ZeroHedge:

It seems that a speech made by Nigel Farage (or “Mr. Brexit” as the Trump campaign has named him) at a Trump rally a couple of days ago in Jackson, Mississippi may have struck a nerve with the Clinton camp. Well, Clinton was not amused by Mr. Brexit.  As pointed out by Breitbart, Clinton took the opportunity at an event yesterday to seemingly suggest that Farage is just another “right-wing”, xenophobic, sexist, bigot that you should all promptly ignore.  Frankly, we’re in awe of how succinctly Clinton is able to identify all of Farage’s multiple character flaws…it really is masterful speech writing.

Lest we forget, Hillary pointed that, because his opinions differ from her own, Farage is necessarily just another one of Putin’s “useful idiots“:

“The godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

For his part, Farage suggested that Hillary spend a little more time “speaking to normal, working people in her country” rather than attacking him with “dodgy half-quotes.”“I think Hillary Clinton is running scared. Her attacks on me are completely baseless. She sounds rather like Bob Geldof and can’t accept Brexit.”

“Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should spend more time speaking to normal, working people in her country than trying to attack me using dodgy half-quotes”.

Per Breitbart, Farage suggests that he did not say that children of legal immigrants be banned from public schools, but rather suggested that people who have not paid in to the UK tax system not be the beneficiaries of public money until they have paid in.  Farage also noted that he has previously pointed out that women who take maternity leave are perceived by employers to be “worth less” than men, though never opined on whether or not that was fair or just.  Farage also supported scrapping EU discrimination law, noting that the British parliament could easily enact these laws, if necessary, themselves.

If you haven’t seen it…it’s worth a view:

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