How Ironic it is. The World has changed

How Ironic it is. The world has changed.

For ever the United States and Great Britain and now the European Union has had an ongoing political battle between the triumphs of Capitalism and the evils, if not curse, of socialism. The debate raging in the U.S now during the primaries to elect a democrat nominee to stand against Trump for President demonstrates this starkly as it did with the desertion of the Democrat committee towards Bernie Sanders, and in the recent election of Boris Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom. Corbyn was assailed by the media for his socialist outlook and standing up for the common people, so much so that his baseline supporters themselves misread what was really happening and became so confused that the blustering, bullshitting Johnson swept to a landslide conservative victory the size of which has Maggie Thatcher turning in her grave. Free markets they proclaimed is the only political mechanism that should be embraced as the best model for economic growth and opportunity that this provides for all. According to the laws of capitalsim should an airline  become unable to fill its seats and maintain sufficient capacity to keep it solvent and prevent it crashing, crash it will do, at least taking no lives directly with it; or the shipping lines bringing cruise tourists to our shores hit relentless waves  that sinks the ships either by pandemic or real the cruise company goes under.

But not now, the prevailing orthodoxy of capitalism has been turned on its head with eye-watering amounts of public money thrown not by Corbyn or Sanders but by their polar opposites Trump, Joohnson and Macron whose careers to date have been based on denouncing socialsim as one of the biggest threats to societies’ welfare whilst raising the threat of the communist bear again by blaming Vladimir Putin for the ills in the capitulating oil market. Additionally, as aptly stated by George Galloway “the scale of the public health threat posed by the pandemic demonstrates beyond contradiction that private is not better than public, an economy which principally is private cannot meet the needs of the human race when existential dangers arrive”. Trillions of $’s (public money straight from the socialist text book) is now saving the big boys who play ‘market my business’ on exchanges all round the world. The pandemic has ushhered in medical marshall law, if we are not already closeted in our houses fearing not to move incase we meet somebody virus ridden we are already self isolating because we have been where the virus is supposed to be. Industry and commerce all over the world is being forced into shut down mode , paralyzed by fear of the virus spread. It is not affecting the individuals responsible for creating this unseen monster and do ‘they’ have another motive?

We need to think outside the square on this issue as already the blame game is rearing its ugly and ignorant head amongst U.S. senators and media, blaming China for the outbreak and wanting to ‘make China pay for this and be held accountable for releasing the virus onto America.” Well one thing we do know is that China has not until now been responsible for invading any other country starting a war that kills millions of innocent people living legally in their own country, but the U.S. has plenty of experience here. China has not been responsile for any chemical warfare against anyone and in general has been the only country that has provided economic support to developing nations, even if this in return gives China a head start with economic relations with those countries. Some call this the ‘return on investment’. China has been an industrious country for the global creation of wealth. Compare that to the U.S. where Fort Detrick, in Maryland, the epicentre of the US Army’s bioweapons research since the beginning of the Cold War has been ordered to stop all research into the deadliest viruses and pathogens over fears contaminated waste could leak out of the facility. Yes once again it is the U.S. that has been developing bio/chemical weapons all along and can be accused of being the single most prolific terrorist nation on the planet. Terrorist actions are from the terrorist Bible written for the CIA, they are much more likely to be the organisation that released this virus onto its primary economic rival China, its ideological enemy Iran and naughty Italy that dared join the Chinese silk road initiative to ferry Chinese good into Europe.

The flip side thinking to this is that are we seeing one of the most organised attacks on individual rights and freedoms orchestated by those that want control, somewhere in the deep state, that group of people not in elected power but those to whom the elected politians answer. Is it organised because it has been so globally co-ordinated in identical response that one could argue that there is a single hymn sheet circulating amongst media and governments to effect the same outcome wherever you are located. The hymns include classics such as ‘We’ll takeaway your guns’, “The army is on your side (but in your streets)” , “Don’t you leave your house or I’ll shoot” and other childrens choruses we used to sing at Sunday School like ‘Wash your hands’. The response has been breathtaking in its unity and conformity you have to wonder is this a pandemic or a siezure of power by global elites?

What ever turns out to be truth one thing we can be sure of it is war and always has been war. The U.S. enemy to weaken is on 2 fronts, China and Russia are in the sights. Just saying.

Malcolm Eves 21/03/2020

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