Israel controversy rages in Hawke’s Bay Today. Iran set up for destruction

Like Peter Hibbard I too couldn’t wait to see the kneejerk reaction time of Pastor Nigel Woodley of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship in Hastings to the New Zealand support and vote for the UN resolution condemning Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I also wondered how long it would be for Margaret Burgess to get in on the topic but I didn’t have to wait too long for that to appear either. As I have stated before to your paper these people believe the Jews are Gods chosen people and anything that modern day Israel does is OK, proof of that resurrection to being the ‘chosen ones’ even if they have ‘turned their back on God’ for centuries.

Indeed David Marley’s penny worth to the discussion is even more alarming as he summarises ‘to oppose Israel and share their land is to oppose God’. All three point out views that are simply wrong because of the blind faith what they write is interpreting ‘Gods word’. For example Mrs Burgess says that the U.S. sends millions of dollars in ‘aid’ to the middle east. Lets get this straight. The millions in ‘aid’ according to the Jewish Virtual Library amounts to $129.8 billion in aid to Israel since 1949 from the hapless American taxpayer of which $79.8 billion is military weapons, guns, bombs, missiles, all weapons of death liberally used by the Israelis to kill mostly the Palestinians who once lived there. Poor Paster Woodley cries out that New Zealand’s decision in the vote goes against the United States and ‘this is wrong’. Excuse me Nigel, surely you mean ‘fantastic’ don’t you that New Zealand proudly stands up to the one terrorist nation we should all oppose, the United States? That country causes more death and destruction all around the world than any other shielded by lies generated from the propaganda arms Washington Post, New York Times and CNN that these days are simply divisions of the CIA controlled U.S. media, as Trump himself says about the Russiagate hoax of unproven claims that Russia influenced his election.

This leads us to the truth as to why Trump made the announcement about Jerusalem in the first place, something that several Presidents before him had resisted. Its nothing to do with being a Statesman, his Presidency has been beleaguered by the Russiagate story ever since he won the election with calls even for his impeachment by neocons in Congress and the Senate. By making the claim about Jerusalem Trump sided with the most powerful of zionist neocons who he hopes will go about taking the heat off him after a year of investigations that still has no facts Russia influenced the election. Trump is cynically trying to save his own presidency in making this unwise claim about Jerusalem.

But good Christians, another point you all seem to be almost joyfully missing is about what the U.S. does in the middle east. The U.S. does Israel’s dirty work with the zionist neocon objective being the ‘greater Israel’ being from the Nile to the Euphrates. So far in destabilising the middle east the U.S. has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is active in Libya, Somalia and Yemen by Saudi Arabian proxy creating in the case of Iraq, Libya and Yemen completely failed states that were once prosperous Arab countries. In doing so it has spread death and unbelievable destruction in these countries serving Israel’s interests of destroying Arab countries around it.

The next country being set up for destruction is Iran and the propaganda war has already started with Israel and the U.S. both labelling Iran a ‘terrorist’ country that needs to be destroyed. Just watch on your TV in coming weeks the news of riots turning into violence with the U.S. calling for regime change. This follows the usual CIA tactic of seeking out dissident minority groups, funding and arming them to create chaos, this being a pattern of what happened in the Ukraine and Syria. Out of this grew ISIS, a creation of the U.S.

But most importantly, all three Israeli fans, you appear happy that a fundamental rule of the Jewish Bible is being broken. What you seem to be glorifying is death on the basis it is gods will. What happened to your adherence to the Exodus commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill‘? Because what we are going to witness in the coming months is more death. The death (and displacement) of hundreds if not thousands of so far peaceful Iranians living peacefully in their own land. Is this OK with God? Hard to believe you can be so supportive of this destruction because Israel wants to expand and destroy Arab countries that surround it.

Malcolm Eves


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