Loon media continue to attack North Korea

Our loon media continues to attack North Korea irrespective of the consequences of what they describe. It’s too hard an act to have thinking intelligent reporting and questioning of politicians and other media that daily seem to denounce North Korea as a ‘rogue’ or ‘paraiha’ state, Kim Jong -Un is a madman, that the whole world must isolate and condemn as though we all are daily affected by what Kim Jong-Un says and does.

The point is if you want nuclear war and the end of our planets existence, the end of all human life, including us in New Zealand, all animal and bird life and presumably all sea life then if that is your goal then continue with the polarisation that the politicians and media gushes just as it is but personally I don’t want that, not even a small bit of that at all. The local media particularly has served us poorly once again by revelling in the commentary from United States repeating extensive articles from The Washington Post and New York Times notorious for being the mouthpieces of the CIA.

We are ill informed of what is really going on with North Korea and reality will be much different but there is a strong parallel to an earlier series of events in our life time that ended in tragedy all of us alive at the time felt.

In 1961 an exile brigade commanded by the CIA invaded Cuba in the Bay of Pigs with the mission to assassinate Fidel Castro the communist leader of Cuba. Castro’s forces surrounds the invading force but President John F Kennedy refused the urgings of the CIA to send in U.S. combat forces resisting the intensity of the lobby. The exile brigade surrenders and more than a thousand men are taken prisoner. Kennedy realises that he has been set up, drawn into a CIA trap to force him to escalate the issues into a battle that would lead to the overthrow of the Cuban communist regime.

This ultimately led to the Soviet Union bringing nuclear missiles to communist Cuba and so escalated an issue that was in 1961-62 a confrontation between two nuclear armed super powers that brought the world to the jaws of hell from which no body would escape or survive.

The CIA had its derivatives after WW2 under Truman when the U.S. military realized they had an advantage over the Soviet Union and used the fact that the U.S. had nuclear capability and the Soviets did not to gain America greater influence in post WW2 negotiations and stem the ‘spread of communism’. Truman appeared to glorify the bombing of Hiroshima in his discussions with others even though it was apparent to many officials at the time that the Japanese were ready to surrender before the bomb was dropped.

On June 18 1948 Trumans National Security Council took the step into CIA quicksand and approved a top secret directive NSC10/2 which sanctioned U.S. intelligence to carry out a broad range of covert operations “propaganda, economic warfare, direct action including sabotage and demolition, subversion against hostile states” -and more. All of this was “so planned and executed that any U.S. government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorised persons and if uncovered the U.S. government can plausibly deny any responsibility”. Plausible deniability combined lying with hypocricy and so a Frankenstein monster was created that exists to this day.

And to this day our media is constantly preparing us for and urging a confrontation with Kim Jong-Un, after all he is a ‘mad man’ and dangerous to us all, right? The CIA’s hand in all this is clear but our media just soak it all up reproducing the lies about North Korea verbatim. The North Koreans remember vividly the massacres and wholesale slaughter of their people that occurred at the end of the Korean Peninsular war in 1953. North Korea was needlessly decimated, fire-bombed (napalmed) and destroyed with its population slaughtered in millions when defeat was evident. Gen Douglas MAcarthur in his statement to Congress siad he had seen more blood then almost any other man but what he witnessed in North Korea was shocking to his core. You don’t forget these atrocities quickly, nor does North Korea. Like Cuba after the Batista regime overthrow once again North Korea became a communist state and likewise was marked out by the CIA for regime change if not destruction. The CIA will be very active in ensuring this as it’s also good for (military/industrial complex) business, crass as that sounds. Kim is simply refusing to bow to American pressure to give up his nuclear weapons, as he sees, the only thing that is stopping the U.S. from invading and destroying his country as has happened to Iraq. Only a nuclear deterrent that could impact the U.S. homeland and allies is sufficient to achieve this in Kim’s mind. The rest is rhetoric.

Unfortunately now we have a U.S. President that is finding out he like Kennedy before him has the CIA and the military pushing hard to go after Kim Jong-Un but I don’t think Trump actually wants a nuclear war on his watch. Regrettably for us all Trump has this wish to ‘make America great again’ recognising that in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all the other theatres of war the U.S. is involved with that American influence is wilting as they go from military fuck up to military fuck up. Trump wanted to make a better relationship with Russia when he was elected but he was immediately confronted with a hostile press fuelled by the CIA that only wants Russia as an enemy so that the military/ industrial budget for war remains at current levels, around $1trillion /annum. So the psychopath Trump raises the tensions uttering crass statements like we wipe North Korea with ‘fire and fury like you won’t believe’ as well as claiming that North Korea is a terrorist nation, funding international terrorism, all made up lies and all excuses for war. He appears under full control by this alternative unelected government.

Unlike Kennedy before him Trump glows as he pronounces his love for America and his desire to make America great again. This talk is actually much in line with what the military/industrial complex with all it’s CIA connections want too as the U.S. sells its arms worldwide so he has almost become the alternative governments choir boy. Kennedy on the other hand, had as his driving goal a real peace for all humanity where all the world enjoys the benefits. It is only recently apparent that the risk of nuclear war with the Soviet Union that had quickly become a super power to counter the U.S. dominance in nuclear technology was keenly felt by both Kennedy and Khrushchev who is reported to have been the first of them to make secret contact with the other as the Cuban Missile crisis heightened in intensity. Kennedy and Khrushchev gained respect for the other with these secret exchanges and Kennedy knew the risks he was taking in going against the CIA who were still keen on assassinating Fidel Castro and destroying the communist regime on their back door step. Eventually as we all now know happened Khrushchev backed down after dealing secretly with Kennedy on U.S. missiles in Turkey and achieving compromise.

Kennedy’s famous speech June 10 1963 at the America University in Washington asked Americans to examine their attitude to war especially in relation to the Soviet Union who suffered incomparable losses in WW2. Understanding the human suffering of this slaughter for them, now nuclear war would be far worse: “all we have built, all we have worked for, would be destroyed in the first 24 hours”. Khrushchev warmed to Kennedy after this speech as did Castro in Cuba after urgings from Khrushchev to re-examine his thinking but this set Kennedy at odds with the CIA still bent on overthrow or killing Castro and sealed Kennedy’s fate to be no more than 5 more months alive as President.

The parallels are easy to spot with the current situation with North Korea. Over time U.S. international policy has become the domain of pressure groups and CIA influence as the CIA is answerable to no one and can lie and deceive as they wish and have huge influence on U.S. ‘bought off’ politicians. Our media accepts anything dished out by U.S. media and repeating it verbatim make North Korea to be a country we all should like to see destroyed  becasue it so terrible. But, unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis where two leaders of super powers sought an understanding with each other to prevent all out destruction despite the urgings of their own military leaders there is a reconciliation vacuum at the top right now making war and nuclear war much more likely. One can easily imagine Kim Jong-Un being advised by the Chinese leadership to tone down his rhetoric but can we see anything similar from the Americans? Hardly. 

Everything would then be in vain, all life on this planet would most probably be destroyed as this conflict would quickly escalate to major a confrontation between superpowers China not being able to stand aside and set its immediate neighbour destroyed once more. Winston Peters head swollen with importance sees himself as a useful go between to ease tensions and if he becomes that can we hope for a thoughtful independent negotiator who will not subjegate his views to CIA expectations to disarm North Korea totally and turn it into a controlled state as are the South Koreans but this is aleady doubtful based on what he has said so far. New Zealand’s intelligence is American intelligence after all.

It gets worse as this past weekend the U.S. carried out VIgilant Ace 18 air exercises using stealth bombers and on Sunday, Pyongyang’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper, carried by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), called the US-South Korea Vigilant Ace 18 joint air exercises scheduled for Monday to Friday a “dangerous provocation” pushing the region “to the brink of a nuclear war. On Saturday, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) said in a written statement that US President Donald Trump and his administration were “begging for nuclear war” by “staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the Korean peninsula.”

So it is here the parallels diverge. Kennedy was a man who saw the great injustice in destroying the futures of our children when they were not able to represent themselves to the political elites and fought for peace behind the back of a wicked organisations that only sees war as the game in town. That both Khrushchev and Castro were already in some sort of dialogue with Kennedy when he was murdered is testament to just how different the world would have been had he not been executed by these secret forces. It cost him his life before he could fully deliver on that desire. Trump wants to ‘make America great again’ recognising its fall in influence and that means only one thing, a rise in military confrontation & conflict around the world as becoming great again means’ do as we tell you or we will force you to do it’ – the American way.

Malcolm Eves


Reference Book: JFK and the unspeakable, why he died and why it matters; James W Douglass (highly recommended!)

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