KW: Just a couple of snippets from Agora Financial internet newsletter for your interest.

Colorado just set another marijuana milestone.

Only a week ago today we mentioned how the Centennial State has logged 12 straight months of sales topping $100 million.

Ray Blanco says that’s only part of the story. Total revenue since recreational weed became legal in January 2014 just topped $500 million. “But a whopping 40% of that revenue,” he points out, “was generated just in the past year.”

Now that’s a growth industry. And with other states coming online with legal cannabis, that growth is still in the future in many other states — especially California, home to one in eight Americans.

Meanwhile, Ray tells us “an estimate from Marijuana Business Daily puts the total estimated demand for recreational cannabis in the U.S. at $45–50 billion.

“That’s more than 12 times legal recreational AND medical cannabis sales combined in 2016.”

[Pause for a moment to consider there’s a trade publication called Marijuana Business Daily. It also publishes a reference called the “Marijuana Business Factbook.”]

“And even more significantly,” says Ray, “the number crunchers estimate that for every $1 consumers spend at pot dispensaries, $3 in economic benefits are created. So the pot stories that are captivating folks right now aren’t even scratching the surface of the weed wealth that’s going to be created in the next few years.”

All of which means the trading possibilities in penny pot stocks can only get better. And they’re already phenomenal. This month alone, readers of Penny Pot Profits have had the chance to close out and collect gains of 52% in less than a week… and 164% in less than six weeks.

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