McClay thwarts trade with Russia missing opportunity

The Hawke’s Bay Today published an article on Thursday 30 March about ‘Russia willing to start NZ free-trade talks‘. The article also mentioned that last week Prime Minister Bill English released New Zealand’s refreshed trade strategy which seeks to have 90% of goods exports covered by a free trade agreement within 13 years.

However, the article goes on to report that our dullard Trade Minister Todd McClay would not pursue a deal saying it’s ‘too soon to resume negotiations’ because of U.S. and European sanctions on Russia due to it’s ‘expansionist’ foreign policy – a lie. Without factual evidence and obeying the command of Washington McClay puts America’s foreign policy objectives in the new cold war with Russia ahead of New Zealands trade interests repeating the lies that have been spread by U.S. officials and media for the past 3 years. He is a spineless disgrace and should resign his important position to hopefully allow New Zealand to develop without compromise its own trade future and international friends. About time we stood up for ourselves and ignored the demands of Washington and its war making actions throughout the world.

In a great article by Arina TSUKANOVA (Posted on this independent researcher and analyst unravels the lie surrounding the annexation of Crimea by Russia explaining that actually it was the Ukraine that annexed Crimea back in 1991 when it annexed the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, forcibly joining it to Ukraine despite the results of the January referendum about reestablishing Crimea’s autonomy that showed 94% of Crimeans did not want to join Ukraine. This action by Ukraine that was uncondemned by western media set the background to the current situation today.

Western media continue to restate the Washington lie that Russia is aggressively expanding West, indeed this is the argument used as to why thousands of U.S. military personnel and thousands of U.S. military vehicles this very day patrol the Russian border to contain ‘Russian aggression’. Ignoring the obvious to anyone with a brain and thinking that this aggressive American action alone has the potential to start a nuclear war that will destroy all life on earth it is not true that Russia expanded into Crimea as claimed. The coup-de-tat that unfolded in Ukraine in 2013-14 that saw Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych overthrown and replaced by a Washington puppet Poroshenko was result of U.S. action in the Ukraine with US Under Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland and the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt to the fore in plotting the overthrow of Yanukovych. It resulted in the Crimeans on March 16 2014 once more holding a referendum on their status and voted to rejoin the Russian motherland by 96.77%. They wanted no part in a Ukraine that was being lured into the E.U. preferring to remain Russian that historically they were.

Of course Washington declared this democratic vote illegal and illegitimate thereby continuing it’s lies about Russian aggression but these are the conditions under which belief is twisted in the west by media continuing to print the narrative as truth when it is only the narrative for war with Russia. The Russophobia in the U.S. in regard Trump is all part of the game changing plan of misconception for the masses. The Deep State will not allow Trump to improve relations with Russia as they need to protect the Trillion $ military/industrial gravy train they all enrich themselves upon.

But back to Mc Clay. He is clearly lightweight and has no idea of what is going on in Crimea or Russia and for our trade minister to be so out of touch means all New Zealanders ultimately suffer as we are a trading nation that survives by exporting food to countries that can pay and Russia fits the criteria exactly.

Malcolm Eves

31 March 2017

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