‘New Cold War’: China-NZ relationship rapidly deteriorating – NZ Herald

KW: Stupidly our government is becoming caught up in the web of lies that the deep state in the U.S. are telling about China’s sinister ways, without as yet producing a scrap of evidence to prove what they say is the case. This is typical of the lies that the west spin to destroy countries and create wars, except this time China is a nuclear power with weaponry that is superior to that of the west. Our deputy prime minister loves this push back against China as he wrongly, in my opinion, has the view that chinese immigration is the casue of all sort of social ills here in New Zealand. It begs the question….

Why do we want ANYTHING to do with the United States of America?

Right at this moment in time New Zealand’s deputy Prime Minister, the unelected Winston Peters is poncing around Washington, chest puffed out and full of importance, shaking hands with the elites of U.S politics and policy making such as Mike Pompeo, a known hard-line war monger and Mike Spence the Vice President in charge of propaganda about Russia and China and advancing U.S influence in the Pacific as well as fighting wars in numerous middle eastern countries. This alone is disgusting.

More than that he is being filled with lies about China’s growing influence in the Pacific as though this is a threat. Yes China is now more influential than it once was but what has China done to be singled out as a threat?

For one it has become an important trade partner for both New Zealand and Australia, if not the dominant trade partner for both countries with arguably the past success of Australia in avoiding any major recessions over the past decade being attributable solely to the China trade, China taking massive amounts of iron ore and other mined minerals by the ship load keeping Australia afloat when the western world faced recession and on going financial crisis. Arguably too, New Zealand benefits massively right now from China being the biggest export market for our dairy industry, positively boosting export returns back to New Zealand farmers. Indeed both countries should be thankful to having access to the burgeoning Chinese market.

Compare that with the U.S. where our trade has become even more restricted and tariffed and dominated by corporations that export products to us that are bad for our environment and for the food we eat. Indeed it is arguable that much of the processed food we eat is the cause of many of the major health issues much of our population struggle with with the likes of McDonalds and KFC being at the fore of that. Also, think Monsanto and ROundup in or food chain. Any link to exploding rates of cancer, I wonder.

The U.S. solution to that is of course pharmaceuticals that are massively over priced and restricted in many cases of need because Pharmac can’t afford to underwrite them in the first place.

And what of U.S. television forced onto us by our subservient media. The programs are 100% violence, confrontation and militaristic in nature with guns to the fore in almost every U.S. program. Our news in infiltrated with dramatic U.S. stories as though anyone here in NZ should care about things in America and of course when possible they reproduce stories that show Americans being kind and generous, almost as if to brainwash us about American benevolence. Television in NZ is almost loathsome!

And what of the growing Chinese influence? We don’t get any Chinese aggression with aggressive confrontations with Pacific societies but what we do get is a lot of (largely untold) stories about the constructive things China does for poor Pacific nations, building and constructing useful ports, bridges etc who then get bludgeoned into believing the U.S. mantra about how this goodness has to be seen as a threat and has to be confronted.

This story about China in todays NZ Herald demonstrates how dangerous it is to be an ally of the U.S. Mostly based on a Bloomberg story published in October 2018 that China managed to  insert  malicious microchips into Supermicro servers and that this affected nearly 30 companies, including tech behemoths Amazon and Apple. Equally incendiary, the article reported that Amazon and Apple knew about it, but never let the public know. Apple, Amazon and others vehemently denied the Bloomberg story, and we still don’t know the truth. As I noted at the time: They simply seek to destroy valuable and progressive relationships with countries they choose to be at (cold) war with. Conversely we are not at war with China, nor Russia, and instead of becoming swallowed up in the matix of lies that eminate from Washington and London we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with countries that want to do constuctive business with New Zealand that improve our standard of living.

I am really saddened by this story in todasy NZ Herald


A Western alliance pushback on Chinese cyber-espionage is causing a ‘new cold war’.

Source: ‘New Cold War’: China-NZ relationship rapidly deteriorating – NZ Herald

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