Not a ban – Little offers hope for Huawei – NZ Herald

KW: So the question for New Zealanders is now this…’Who is in charge of the government decision making process?’ Is it the government that we all supposedly had a role in electing at the ballot box or is it the secretive, unelected bureaocrats in the GCSB? Andrew Little by claiming that the GCSB came to an independent decision and ‘with considerable confidence’ was not influenced by Australian or American interests tells you that he is attempting to kill this thought/suggestion off with the early BIG denile, one that is really supposed to be believed but that is exactly the case. When politicians do this you always know they are covering the truth. The fact that the deputy chief executive of its New Zealand operation, Andrew Bowater, has repeatedly stated that no evidence has ever been tabled of Huawei posing a security threat says it all. Little also says Spark could still work with Huawei to address the security risk, the GCSB Minister said.

We maintain here that this is about New Zealand getting caught up in a vicious trade war instigated by Donald Trump against China and Washington is demanding our allegiance. Time to show we are independent!

Source: Not a ban – Little offers hope for Huawei – NZ Herald

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