OSF Preprints | Review of the Emerging Evidence Supporting the Use of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

KW: Effective treatment and prevention is available for COVID-19. It is ivermectin, a well-known and well-understood drug discovered in 1975 that is on the WHO essential drugs list.  With all the media clamour promoting new untested vaccines as the only solution to Covid-19  and with the likes of Qantas Airlines stating that they will only transport people who have been vaccinated on their flights as a current example of the media being the agent for big pharma in promoting vaccines as the only cure and way forward for the world at large, you can easily tell that covid-19 is being used by some sections of society as a way to trap peoples minds and make huge profits for themselves whilst ignoring existing proven cures that are already out there. It’s obvious that peoples minds are being closed surely and certainly about the cure for covid-19 and companies like Qantas are going all out to isolate those who question the information about vaccines in relation to their personal health. Vaccine promotors like Trumps Dr Fauci studiously ignore existing science and proof that Two Effective, Safe, and Inexpensive Cures for Covid Exist. Letters from Belgian Virologist Marc Wathelet to the Belgian health authorities about Covid state that effective threatment and prevention are available, that awaiting a vaccine simply results in more deaths, and that the vaccine itself is problematic.

His letter to Belgian Health Authorites is here:-

Effective treatment and prevention is available for COVID-19.

Dear Minister of Health,

In these difficult times, I would like to draw your attention to a treatment that could make a huge difference to the health of people who find themselves infected with the new coronavirus in Belgium.

It is ivermectin, a well-known and well-understood drug discovered in 1975 that is on the WHO essential drugs list. It is used in humans to treat infections with many types of parasites and it also has antiviral activity. This is one of the drugs that warranted clinical trials to test its effectiveness against COVID-19, as I suggested last April https://tinyurl.com/yyzyoe7n, but we did nothing.

An unpublished study (preprint) from Egypt compares the effects of ivermectin to those of hydroxychloroquine. The results are spectacular!   https://www.trialsitenews.com/benha-university-breakthrough-randomized-controlled-trial-shows-ivermectin-effective-for-treating-covid-19-as-prophylaxis/ 

The standard treatment for COVID in several African countries, including Egypt, is the combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and Zinc. This study compares this treatment with the combination of ivermectin, azithromycin and Zinc. It has four arms of 100 individuals each, where moderate and severe forms of the disease are treated with either of these two drug combinations.

They measure the percentage improvement in symptoms and decrease in viral load, and the number of deaths (which comes down to a percentage since there are 100 patients per arm).

Here is the summary of the results obtained:

Hydroxychloroquine, moderate forms:                       74% improvement, 4 deaths

Ivermectin, moderate forms:                                       99% improvement, 0 deaths

Hydroxychloroquine, severe forms:                           50% improvement, 20 deaths

Ivermectin, severe forms:                                            94% improvement, 2 deaths

With such clear results, now is the time to show vision!

Please also see this article that reviews clinical trials with this molecule around the world https://tinyurl.com/yyqbq8gw.

I am counting on the experts who advise you to confirm that the benefit / risk ratio of this therapeutic approach is largely in favor of its use for severe forms of the disease. It is essential that this treatment becomes immediately available in hospitals to treat severe forms.

It is not a question of verifying this study with new studies before making this decision, while we have an average of almost 200 daily deaths due to COVID in Belgium over the last week, and therefore an excess mortality ~ 65% at this moment. We don’t have time!

Its use in moderate forms of the disease requires a confirmatory study, but this drug should be available for prescription by front-line doctors when medical supervision can be ensured to monitor for potential side effects.

This medicine is only available in our country in its topical formulation, as a cream (Soolantra®). It is possible to obtain the necessary formulation, 3 or 6 mg tablets for oral administration from neighboring countries, but our pharmacies are not supplied.

I therefore recommend that you 1) authorize the oral form of ivermectin in our country; 2) ensure the supply of our pharmacies with this essential drug; 3) ensure the transmission of this information to hospitals; and 4) organize the necessary trials to confirm or deny its usefulness on the front line for moderate disease.

We must have the lucidity to recognize that this is a “game-changer” and that a very rapid response from the government would limit the harmful consequences of the mismanagement of the health crisis from which our country has suffered until now.

I remind you that none of the vaccines in development are designed to induce mucosal immunity, the only kind of vaccine that is potentially sterilizing, and therefore likely to have an effect on the transmission of the virus.

The criteria for evaluating these candidate vaccines are limited to a reduction in symptoms but not a reduction in deaths or an effect on virus transmission: the bar is set very low to ensure their approval. The reduction of symptoms, if achieved without serious side effects, is certainly desirable, but it is very likely to promote the transmission of the virus because it is the appearance of symptoms that prompts the change in individual behavior that can limit transmission.

In addition, studies are accumulating which indicate that a vitamin D deficiency favors the development of the severe form of the disease: it is a question of setting up a large information campaign to recommend that everyone supplement their diet with vitamin D.

It is a very simple and inexpensive measure, which can have a very substantial effect on the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19. Remember that the consequences of sequelae associated with COVID-19 are significant not only for the individuals concerned and their families, but also for our health care budget. What are we waiting for to take this simple step? Have we forgotten that it’s easier to prevent disease than to treat it?

Please act, Minister of Health, act today: do not feed the narrative that the government does not have the interests of its people at heart, only the wishes of the lobbies!

I remain at your disposal,

Marc Wathelet, Doctor of Sciences

In March 2020, an expert panel called the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) was created and led by Professor Paul E. Marik, with the goal of continuously reviewing the rapidly emerging basic science, translational, and clinical data in order to gain insight into and to develop a treatment protocol for COVID-19. At the same time, many centers and groups employed a multitude of novel therapeutic agents empirically, and within clinical trials, often during inappropriate time points during this now well-described multi-phase disease. Either as a result of these frequent trial design failures, or due to the lack of their insufficient anti-viral or anti-inflammatory properties, nearly all trialed agents have proven ineffective in treating COVID-19 as of November 11, 2020. Based on a recent series of negative published therapeutic study results, in particular the SOLIDARITY trial, they now virtually eliminate any treatment role for remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir/ritonavir, interferon, convalescent plasma, tocilizumab, and monoclonal antibody therapy. Despite this growing list of failed therapeutics in COVID-19, the FLCCC recently discovered that ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine, has highly potent real-world, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. This conclusion is based on the increasing numbers of study results reporting effectiveness, not only within vitro and animal models, but also in numerous randomized and observational controlled clinical trials. Repeated, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes have now been recorded when ivermectin is used not only as a prophylactic agent but also in mild, moderate, and even severe disease states. The review that follows of the existing evidence for ivermectin relies on “emerging” data in that, although compelling, only a minority of studies have been published in peer-reviewed publications with the majority of results compiled from manuscripts uploaded to medicine pre-print servers or posted on clinicaltrials.gov.

Source: OSF Preprints | Review of the Emerging Evidence Supporting the Use of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

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