Prince Andrew’s Epstein-Related BBC Interview Was “Catastrophic Mistake” a sex offender sqiurms under questioning| Zero Hedge

KW: We have followed the Jeffrey Epstein case because if he is in fact really dead, he didn’t, indeed couldn’t have committed suicide while on intensive surviellance in his prison cell with cameras and posted door security personel reviewing his situation constantly, OR, if they failed and were negligent, no charges have been made against any prison staff for this failure. So he is either still alive  being spirited out of prison or was murdered by some higher authority, again with no investigation or charges made as to how this could have happened. Dozens of high ranking politicians, lawyers, Presidents and of course Royalty breathed a sigh of relief but now Prince Andrew has messed up big time during the BBC interview over the weekend. A sex offender sqiurming under the spot light. Guilty as you can get and he should be punished accordingly along with Bill Clinton, who knows how to deny sexual relations despite cum all over her dress.  The sick political environment of the West. And just where has Gislane Maxwell disappeared to

Source: Prince Andrew’s Epstein-Related BBC Interview Was “Catastrophic Mistake” | Zero Hedge

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