A war has already commenced and it is dangerous as any war in history with the U.S. and western subservient countries on one side with Russia & China on the other. The pitch for our minds is in full motion and nothing will stop this media onslaught aimed at ensuring populations meekly if not blindly follow our leaders to an eventual real shooting war.

Joe Biden wasn’t calling in to just say ‘Hi’ to John Key for the sake of it. He was here to enforce the TPPA deal from foundering as it appears to struggle for traction in the U.S. itself plus negotiate to send (nuclear armed) warships to our waters that encircles New Zealand as a U.S. ally and regrettably therefore potential target. All the years of New Zealand standing up and being counted against nuclear weapons is now put on the line by John Key. Of course U.S. warships will come, who is he kidding that he is considering the situation, the invitation has been sent!

The beat-up by the U.S. in the South China Sea is very dangerous as the aim is to force China to back down over the reclaimed atolls pitching the U.S. against China aiming to enforce U.S. domination in Asia and the Pacific. China views the South China Sea as it’s backyard and sphere of influence, is nuclear armed and on high alert. It’s one of New Zealand’s largest trading partners without which we become massively poorer. This is a nuclear armed confrontation for power.

Meanwhile, the anti Russian media frenzy about banning all Russian Olympic athletes from Rio is disgusting hypocrisy. Stirred as always from the U.S. that has politicised the Olympic movement like none other, it is out of control. Has any reporter in New Zealand investigated the report contents? I suggest not, this is pure U.S. media driven propaganda.

Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren the author of the so called ‘damning’ report issued by WADA, himself says in an interview to RT (and available for anyone to view if they care to listen to McLaren speak himself) that he ‘only had 57 days’ to write the report. The implication is that a ‘comprehensive’ report actually requires a longer time frame. More importantly McLaren says he did not go to Russia to interview anyone and spoke to no Russian officials or athletes at all. Excuse me, but surely if you are going to make a whole range of accusations that are going to impact hundreds of athletes you would actually go and see for your self just what is going on before judgement?

Apparently not, so how can this be a credible report? It’s massively damaging to Russia but that is the objective of this whole exercise. Demonize and damage Russia however you can.

The McLaren report was commissioned in response to accusations made by Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory to the New York Times. Rodchenkov alleged that he switched the athletes’ samples as he dumped “tainted” urine into a nearby toilet, washed out the bottles, dried and filled them with “clean” samples. McLaren calls Rodchenkov a credible and truthful person,” even though he is facing criminal proceedings in Russia on charges by Russia’s Investigative Committee. Of course, he absconded to the U.S. and is continuing the same line of practice in Los Angeles that he was responsible for in Russia. Someone facing criminal charges in Russia is not an unbiased witness but the blanket ban of all Russian athletes is the outcome based on a report delivered to satisfy the expectations of American and Canadian interests intending to politicise the Olympic movement.

I agree absolutely that doping in sport must be eliminated if at all possible and I have no doubt that there are plenty of Russian drug cheats but this is different, the media frenzy over Russian State Sponsored doping is a charge that is far higher yet McLaren hasn’t talked to any Russian.

It’s easy to poke accusations at anyone, make them out to be the worst possible beings and that is what has been achieved in everyone’s mind whatever the truth is about Russian sport. Hypocritically the United States and Canada are far from immune from drug cheating and no doubt some of their athletes will reappear as cheats again. Americans Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, Flo Jo, Tyler Hamilton, Tyson Gay and Canadian Ben Johnson were all drug cheats with Jones, Johnson, Gay and Hamilton all losing their Olympic medals but that is only scratching the surface. The propaganda has worked.

Malcolm Eves


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