KW: Confusion reigns supreme at present becasue of conflicting pressures, disguises and supports. No one has got a handle on what is really going on with the economy. Certianly not the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. All they are doing is blindly following their overseas cohorts by following the Keynsian theory of economic management, that is money printing. They erroneously think  that by adding massively to the debt by issuing more bonds and buying back defunct assets from the banks that they are going to encourage new investment but if that idea was any good it would already be happening now. They are, as all market commentators of any reputation (ie outside of the mainstream banks and finance houses) will tell you failing to happen overseas, has failed despite the trillionsof fake currency beung printed and the more they print the greater the failure is expected.

Interestingly here in NZ many businesses are doing really well and often I have been told by people I ask ‘we are having our best year ever’!!. I wonder why and I think that for many new Zealanders winter was a time of international travel. This year that is not happening due to covid 19 and as some people calculate that is $12billion that is not being spent overseas but in NZ itself now.. Some businesses are doing very well but others are facing financial ruin due to covid lockdown, especially in Auckland. Restaurants fail with customers unable to go out for meals, it is almost a fatal injection of poison for them. They really have to be saved from lockdown. But some businesses can still operate such as some tourism buinesses where safe spacing can be maintained

Hosuing is a market that appears to continue strongly, although we have not seen the final impact of unemployment and lost jobs impact as yet, that is still to come I believe and is one of the disguises supported by very low interest rates supposedly there to support economic growth. But I hasten to add a strong housing market is not a strong economy. Lala thinking.

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Tell me what you think is going to happen or is happening.

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