Red Alert Warning About Pfizer and Moderna Inoculations – Stephen Lendman

Red Alert Warning About Pfizer and Moderna Covid Inoculations by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Pfizer and Moderna  mRNA inoculations aren’t what they’re […]

Source: Red Alert Warning About Pfizer and Moderna Inoculations – Stephen Lendman

KW: What is this? We have posted several articles about the pfizer and moderna ‘vaccines’ raising questions about their safety. This article should make everyone in New Zealand anxious because our Prime Minister is celebrating the soon arrival of the pfizer vaccine and she says she will be providing jabs to all front line workers first before the rest of us. Should we be celebrating or returning the medicine to save not only our frontline staff but the rest of us? And why is all these reports being ignored by governments. Soon you are gong to have to make up your own mind as to whether you submit or not. I trust you won’t be like a couple of wierdos I played golf with last week. ‘Bring it on they shouted at me, I’ll line up tomorrow to take it.’ The other said ‘I’ll pay a thousand dollrs each for my wife and I to be first in line and then I can travel and you will be stuck here’

Final insult to him’anti vaccer!”

With the Oxford Astro Zenica vaccine proven powerless to stop infection from covid -19 we the people are being put in a terrible spot, one that could be life threatening Our government is set upon vaccinating us all in the clearly wrong belief they are protecting us. Istead we run the risk of being poisoned even killed off.

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