Rosenberg: We Are in a Depression | Mauldin Economics

KW:John Mauldin is a very well known economic commentator in the U.S. and this agreemnet here with another very well know economic commentator reinforces the narrative that all in the world is not right. Happily we live in a country that has escaped the worst of corona virus and all its bad symptoms plus a I would argue (albeit without hard back up economic data) that the NZ economy is doing far better than anyone first thought possible as the government has targetted financial support to people not corporations based on the fact that people spend money and so that keeps the economy going best. But the warning is on the sign post. Exporters will start to find the going tough becasue overseas economies are in much bigger strife and decline so that will have an impact here sometime soon.

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Source: Rosenberg: We Are in a Depression | Mauldin Economics

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