Russia’s “Sputnik V” COVID Vaccine A Surprise Global Hit | ZeroHedge

“This is a watershed moment for us…”

Source: Russia’s “Sputnik V” COVID Vaccine A Surprise Global Hit | ZeroHedge

KW: Having endured the apparantly flimsy claims that the pfizer and Moderna nRMA experimental vaccines are the only way the world can loose itself from the deathly grip of covid19 the media might just have to eat some humble pie over its promotion of this falsehood. Now with a large portion of the globe turning to Russias Sputnik V vaccine as the way ahead because it apparantly works maybe the medias day of reconning is not far away. They have misled about covid right from the bginning.

Add to this that South Africa has halted the use of the Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine, the same vaccine ordered by the New Zealand government for us, becasue it is showing signss of being completely ineffective with providing immunity to the latest South African strain of covid-19

and we have a mish mash of failing vaccines produced by the west with the possible only light at the end of the tunnel being the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

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