The Maori takeover is on What are you going to do about it?

KW: From the Bassett, Hide ,Brash website

Subject: Comment recently from the Bassett, Brash & Hide website

In pre-European NZ, Maori culture was marked by inter-tribal warfare, with tribes attacking and defeating each other, taking slaves and land. Inter tribal warfare is in the very genetic make up of Maori. For Maori, land and slaves were currency and the desire for these spoils of war dominated the Maori psyche. It’s still there today, alive and well, stronger than ever. New Zealand is currently in a tribal war situation, with Maori pouring over the hill, wanting to take ‘slaves’ and land. Oh God, that Kiwis would wake up to what is happening right under their noses! Maori (as a tribal group) see all non Maori also as a tribe, and Maori are coming for us, lusting after three things – power (taking us as their slaves), land, and our hard earned money.

But they are not doing it with clubs and spears, as in pre-European days. No no no. Today they are much more sophisticated. They have infiltrated government, the media, universities, schools, and virtually every entity established by Europeans. It was Justice Robin Cooke in the 1987 who first coined the absolutely absurd idea that the TOW was a partnership between Maori and the Crown. When Maori read this they lunged at it with both hands. Their eyes widened, and they salivated like hungry dogs on a pig hunt. They saw the TOW as their biggest opportunity ever to launch a raid, and go pillaging. They figured that if they could hijack it, and then manipulate it, it just might become the ultimate weapon in their war chest. They figured “If Robyn Cooke has manipulated it and made it say whatever he wanted it to say, we can too!” With these thoughts in mind, their warfare gene went to new levels. In short, they have seized upon this Treaty as a vehicle to take over New Zealand.

So far, it’s worked like a dream, thanks to utterly foolish short sighted politicians like Doug Graham, John Key, and Chris Finlayson. Part of the billion dollar payouts given to tribes thus far has been used by Maori to hire top European strategists and lawyers to help Maori come up with, and execute, the takeover plan. In effect, and as such, Europeans through TOW payouts have funded the takeover. Pretty much like the USA unwittingly funding ISIS. Key, Finlayson and others paved the way for Jacinda Ardern, and she’s running with it, taking the Maori agenda to a whole new level, leading it. In the eyes of Maori, she’s become their hero, a figurehead likened to William Wallace in the movie Braveheart – their warrior Princess, leading the charge over the hill.

A big cog in their strategy is propaganda and brainwashing. This is essentially for “softening up” the non – Maori population to prepare it for takeover. For example, Te Reo is being forced upon the population e.g. via TV news readers, widespread name changing, Maoris taking lead roles in TV, print, and digital advertising, a new curriculum about to be launched in schools to brainwash children with white privilege revisionist history etc etc. Maori are being appointed to all kinds of leadership position in government departments, not on the basis of their suitability or skills, but on the basis of their race.

Never mind all the soldiers in WW 1 and 2 who fought and died for New Zealand to preserve the notion of “one people and one nation”. Just forget their sacrifice.

Never mind that Maori are only 14% of the population and that there are no pure Maori left. Just forget these facts.

Never mind that in the TOW Maori clearly ceded sovereignty to the Queen. Just forget this truth.

Never mind that apartheid is now snowballing out of control in NZ, and with it racial tension.. Just forget this reality.

The ‘never minds’ are endless.

We must stand up and fight this! Bugger them!! Europeans have done the hard work for 200 years to set up infrastructure, hospitals, schools, law enforcement, farming, commerce, land ownership law, etc etc, and now that it’s all set up, Maori want it all without having worked for it.

Now here is the mother of all questions : “Is there any legal, ethical, moral, or historical reason they should have it?” Absolutely none. Let’s call it for what it really is – THEFT, plain and simple.

But here’s the thing. They don’t just want land, money, and power. They want on-going money. That is to say, they want all non Maori to keep working hard, to keep paying taxes (i.e. Non Maori become the slaves of Maori), so they (Maori) have a nice steady passive income and a lovely laid back lifestyle…for ever. For them, we (i.e. non Maori) are the perfect tribe to conquer, and conquer us they will, if we don’t stand up and say No!

Not on my watch are Maori, through Jacinda Ardern, going to get away with this. Enough is enough. NZ is too beautiful, and too precious, to be thrown under a bus laden with moko-chinned Maori at this stage in her history.

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