The Market Gods Are Laughing | Zero Hedge

KW: This is a very interesting discussion by Bill Bonner a globally remowned financial commentator and investment manager as is David Stockman highly regarded in the U.S. itself accept from bubble brains. We also have our bubble heads in New Zealand too as Mike Hosking demonstrates in this article of unabashed praise for the luney in the White House. Do you recall it? This is the same Mike Hosking who rushed off to the U.S. to witness the election result so sure that it was a Clinton victory ‘done and dusted’ he went to the wrong after party. Clinton was a no show and his commentary had meant nothing. See his latest rave at (

“They don’t ring a bell when the end comes… But they do put bubble-brains in front of TV cameras.”

Source: The Market Gods Are Laughing | Zero Hedge

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