KW: Now that the Pfizer vaccine is here and people on the front line are expected to take it willingly, believeing it is the right thing to do to protect themselves and others from covid 19 some people wonder why is there fear and opposition to these actions.

Cheered on the ecstatic media showing people getting jabbed who are the people singing from a different hymn book and why is that governments want to shut down any opposition to the vaccine process

Here is item 1. Dr Anthony Fauci formerly jailed ex empoyee Dr Judi Mackovitz, PhD

Item 2: is Dr Sherri Tenpenny warning that people will start to die in 2-6 months

Note: BOTH these individuals have been discredited and banned on social media. They are here becasue they are knowledgeable and you have to make your own decisions about being vaccinated.

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