The Power Elite’s: plans for you

Jim Rickards has had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with the elite of financial circles and has been involved in the highest of discussions about economic issues from the Rothschilds & Rockefeller’s down. Now he has shared his views on the agendas the elites have for you and me.

Forget Trump and if you can, forget Clinton although she is simply evil and should already be in prison so I find it hard to put her out of mind. It doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval office at the White House after US elections. Look how feeble Obama has turned out to be, apart from the Nobel Peace Prize winner being one of the most murderous Presidents of recent years delivering the agenda of the power elites. The people who pull the strings and run the world by in large are not politicians but are almost faceless behind the scenes or in powerful self-appointed positions the President has little say over.

Currently the world watches in amazement the farce that is the American primary elections to select delegates to the national party conferences prior to the end of year Presidential elections. One by one the hopeful candidates are dropping out but this whole parade is nothing more than a disgrace, played out in front of a disbelieving world. If I was an American I would be embarrassed at this satirical joke consuming the American public (and us) on a daily basis. It has little to do with how the ‘free world’ exercises ‘democracy’.

Regrettably once you dig down a little you find supposedly intelligent people locked in a polarisation that will never deliver to them the hopes and aspirations they hope for similar to the hopes and dreams of those who voted around the time of John F Kennedy. JFK spoke and lectured about the real meaning of peace and freedom, what it means for every individual and countries; negotiated his way out of a potential nuclear calamity during the ‘Cuba crisis’; and new all to well about the subversive forces that he wanted to confront as that which was likely to erode peace and freedom for individuals. He wanted to see them broken into ‘a thousand pieces’ so as liberty and freedom is maintained.

That was too much for the elites. President Harry Truman had spoken about this too in his valedictory speech; the corporations, the military industrial complex, the surveillance state, the moneyed elite and that was gathering greater and greater strength in the US. As we know they took care of JFK; yes I say they shot their own President, blamed a punk called Lee Oswald but more than that they also took out Robert F Kennedy who JFK ordained to complete the task of breaking up the CIA before he became a Presidential threat to them. Getting shot from behind eliminates the guy they blamed (Sirhan-Sirhan) from being the culprit as he was in front of RFK when he was murdered. But that is history……

So what does Rickards talk about today?

The exceedingly rich don’t necessarily become an elite although being exceedingly rich eliminates one barrier to becoming a Power Elite. Rickards in his March 2016 newsletter discusses the Power Elite’s plan for you and me indeed the entire world. He says “the agenda of the global power elite is world money, world taxation, world government, a cashless society. The primary long term goal of the power elite is world money.” He believes that world money will be issued by the shadowy organisation called the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that is supposedly the central bankers central bank. It will set benchmarks for oil prices and other essential goods and services in world trade. Unelected officials will control money as a means to control societies and social welfare he argues. This will be done he says through Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) that will be issued not to individuals but to governments.

Close behind world money is world taxation.Continual sources of revenue are needed by global elites to enrich themselves and pursue programs to perpetrate their control. The primary path to achieve this is climate change. This explains why the IMF, World Bank, BIS and other ‘financial bodies’ continually speak about climate change. In order to to impose global solutions (such as taxation) you need global problems (climate Change). Since climate change know no borders it is the perfect vehicle to impose solutions that know no borders.

Administration of world money and world taxation will be conducted by world government. Most of this architecture is already in place. The United Nations is mostly a debating club except for the climate change agenda. The real world government is being conducted through the IMF and G-20 leaders summit.” The G-20 is a de facto ‘board of directors’ for world government. The IMF is a de facto central bank for the world.

The power elite is also implementing the cashless society. This is needed to in order to impose hidden taxation in the form of negative interest rates. Cash is one way to avoid negative interest rates. With cash at least you preserve the principal but with negative interest rates on bank accounts you don’t.” It’s like rounding up cows in slaughterhouse pens before killing them! Negative interest rates is a way to confiscate wealth from savers. (Note: it makes a mockery of saving for your retirement).

Club Etiquette and Rules.

He says that although the power elite is not a conspiracy is does function as a club and there are house rules. Violation of the rules results in expulsion from the club. (Where does Trump sit here?)

Rule 1. Elites help elites. A closer example is how CEO’s name other CEO’s to their board of directors

Rule2. Elites never criticise other elites. In this context ‘criticism’ means exposure of the real motives and methods behind the elite game. Election politicking disagreements are allowed but what is not allowed is discussion of the fact that left and right wing elites are in the same club and elections are basically a show to appease citizens.

Rule 3. Silence is rewarded. Elites have access to enormous amounts of ‘inside information’ about policy, plans and back room dynamics. Going onto TV or radio and spilling the beans in some interview or book must be avoided.

Rule 4. Patience pays. Not criticizing your ideological opponents and keeping your mouth shut for decades while difficult has its rewards. Top jobs go to elites, loyalty is recognised.

Who are some of the Power Elite players? A by no means complete list starts with:

Robert Rubin formerly CEO of Goldman Sachs, US Secretary of the Treasury. Look him up he is on the Council of Foreign Relations too

Christine Legarde manging director of the IMF

James A. Johnson, former CEO of Fannie Mae, including director of Goldman Sachs and also on the Council for Foreign Relations

James Wolfensohn former president of the World bank and also on the Council for Foreign Relations

A continuing theme with all of the people Rickards mentions is the Council for Foreign Relations and New America Foundation. It would pay to look these secretive organisations up. Interesting.. neocon populated and very pro Israel!

Malcolm Eves


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