The Real Muellergate Scandal – Craig Murray

KW: I am really surprised by just how many of my friends still think that the Russians were involved in getting Trump elected and that the mighty CIA has got the evidence somewhere or else they wouldn’t still be making such a fuss. Believing that the Clintons and Obama are innocent parties in a plot driven by Vladamir Putin who is personally responsible for the malaise of the Democrats they have swalowed hook line and sinker the beat up lies about and against Russia, particularly Putin. It sickens me that they are so confused and so far off the track. The Mueller report just adds to this and Craig Murray has correctly called the report what it is , a farce. The evidence of William Binney that is available trashes the story but he wasn’t interviewed.

The Mueller Coverup is not a cover up about Trump as scretching Democrats wail to anyone listening but it is a coverup of the Clinton campaign crimes and illegal actions during the election

Robert Mueller is either a fool, or deeply corrupt. I do not think he is a fool.I did not comment instantly on the Mueller Report as I was so shocked by it, I have been waiting to see if any other

Source: The Real Muellergate Scandal – Craig Murray

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