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Source: The Swamp Swallowed Trump – The Automatic Earth

When Trump got elected in 2016 he claimed he was going to drain the (Washington) swamp, infested he claimied by people who were harming America’s image and posioning international relations with many other countrie around the world. It struck a chord with millions of Americans and unexpectantly this political outsider defeated one of the swamp leaders in the close election victory, simply outraging the swamp candidate, the murderous and totally corrupt Hillary Clinton who vowed revenge there and then. Backed by the president she served (Obama) with and the deputy president of the same regime (Biden) they all have finally succeeded in ousting Trump. Along the way he had to fight rear guard actions about Russian interferance, claims all proven as lies, the FBI and CIA together with Main strem media, all close knit partners in the false accusations made against him and the evil Clinton via the dumb bum Joe Biden is essentially back in corrupt power. Trump, isolated and with no friends at all in Washington, even amongst Republicans now, is doomed to be swallowed up by the swamp he said he was going to drain. They have their man and we are going to see corruption personified and all of us should be scared as these people have absolutly no scruples at all. After all Biden himself is a blackmailing criminal, Clinton a blood thirsty evil witch Obama a mass murdering war starter. God help us all, if I can say that.

Ha ha ha!

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