The wider perspective; By Alan Hamilton

KW: A very thoughtful view of the current situation having received one of the several emails circulating about how to cope with the virus


I hope you and Bert are well and coping with confinement together! Thanks for your mail. I’m glad you sent it on. For my part, it made me think of Sun Tzu’s famous dictum:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

I’m afraid that the author of this letter has failed to properly identify his enemy. I’ve seen several pleas like this from various medical experts around the world – some hundreds of doctors have signed a petition in Australia begging the government to impose draconian sanctions on the community to stop the virus – but for my part I’m rather dismissive of them. Whilst these folks are well educated in their specific field and well meaning, they are very myopic. What we are dealing with here is not a medical crisis, its a political crisis. The virus/pandemic narrative is a cover story, necessary to secure the consent of the victims while we are goose-stepped into a new era of authoritarianism.
Whilst this virus is very real and it qualifies as a ‘pandemic’ according to WHO’s definition, it is not very severe. It has so far killed far fewer people than many other common causes of death. We had a Nobel prize winning epidemiologist on ABC TV the other night saying that over 60% of the community will end up getting the disease and most people would be unaffected by it. I think the real problem is that it really isn’t very severe and this is why drastic measures are happening at such a pace. The putsch has to be effected before the disease peaks in just a few weeks!
In 2018, 541,589 people died in the UK.. At the time of writing this mail, UK has suffered 281 deaths due to corona virus. If the number reaches 5,500 deaths – higher than Italy or China, that number will still only represent 1% of total annual deaths in UK. This is not a reason for imploding the economy and implementing medical martial law. When the death toll in UK stood at 71 (just over 1 death per million residents) your Prime Minister began a controlled demolition of the UK economy which included having his (Goldman Sachs) Treasurer announce a 330B pound expenditure package – designed to ameliorate the devastation he had just wrought with his mandate to shut down most businesses. This is not an appropriate response to a medical crisis.
If this were a medical crisis we would be dealing with it they way Singapore is dealing with it. They’ve had corona virus in Singapore longer than it has been in UK. They have so far suffered only 2 deaths; one foreigner and one local. They have stringent medical testing and controls in place at every office block, school and public institution but they have not imploded their economy, or shuttered businesses or imposed blanket confinements. I lived in Singapore during the SARS crisis and I remember vividly the steps taken to protect the community while preserving normal life. There is something else afoot here and we should be alert to it.
What’s happening in the west is not insanity. It’s diabolical. We are being marched into a Chinese-style dictatorship by a propaganda campaign so effective it is accepted as reality by most of the community – including everyone on this address list, no doubt. It is the product of millions and millions of test responses to memes, tropes, nudges and narratives which have been trialed and honed via social media for years by the tech giants of silicon valley. If you think you know what’s going on, think again. It was said that Gary Kasparov planned up to 15 moves ahead when he was world champion. Well we have game theoretic and scenario planning algo’s these days that can think 30+ moves ahead and these tools can run millions of simulations on hundreds of parameters before presenting an option. The bumbling clowns that are put in front of us are the antithesis of what we are up against. They are much more a reflection of ourselves than they are of the technocracy arrayed against us.
Overnight, governments all over the world are collapsing their stock markets, driving millions into unemployment and dependency, isolating everyone from each other and effectively shutting down all chance of political resistance. And all of this is occurring with the willing consent of their citizens, Its amazing! Someone has thought this through very thoroughly. The gilet jaune’s can no longer assemble. The rioters in Hong Kong have been put out of action. Presidents and Prime Ministers the world over are arrogating all manner of emergency powers to themselves and the public appear to have accepted the need to be tracked at all times via the geo-location devices in their phones. This is a globally coordinated coup d’etat. I can’t believe we’re letting so much slip away so easily.
A few years back an academic at the University of Hawaii did some original research on the topic of “Democide” – death by government. Apparently, death at the hands of your own government was the leading cause of death in the 20th Century – after natural causes. If you think corona virus is deadly, wait until you see what governments do to nations of financially depleted welfare dependents.
Oh wait we already know, Just ask some Native American Indians or Australian Aborigines.
God Bless and Stay Well.
Alan Hamilton
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