Time for New Zealand to Reject subservience to U.S. demands for war

I can’t help but express complete contempt for the U.S. over the dropping of the MAOB bomb into the remote part of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and as far as this website is concerned express dismay at the way world events are unfolding under Trump. Having condemned Obama as being a servant of the deep state we find after just 80 odd days in power the U.S. and Trump have displayed utter contempt for the sovereignty of other nations and everyone is fearful of what they are going to do next in the mad surge toward global dominance and monopoly. The U.S. has demonstrated if it was ever in doubt to being the biggest rogue and terrorist state in the world by far and should NEVER be trusted. The U.S. is by far a much greater threat to world peace than either North Korea, Syria or Afghanistan combined.

The bomb dropped into remote parts of Afghanistan where people live their lives and operate in caves as they have done so for centuries have been decimated by this terrible blast to ‘save (the invader) American lives” as they know full well there is no way the American military was ever going to be able to take this region form the native Afghanis.

Are we supposed to think this bomb is a good thing as our media almost rejoices? Because I don’t. The country of Afghanistan has been invaded by the U.S. that is an invader power attempting to assert it’s control over an independent nations’ people and assets. Dreadful as it is to say, if American lives die in Afghanistan so be it, the more the better actually because it just might force dumb shit Americans to rise up in revolt against their own government, as happened with Vietnam. Is this the only hope we have now to save our world? Plane loads of dead Americans coming back from overseas?

Finnian Cunningham writes “And what makes US military power so dangerous is that the people who run that country are, to be blunt, so stupid – full of their own delusion self-righteousness and ignorance. But what is undeniable is that the amassing of nuclear forces – an “armada” as US President Donald Trump calls it – off the Korean Peninsula by Washington is bound to be seen as an aggression by the North Korean leadership. It is arguable that the US is the one that is carrying out an act of war by sailing its forces towards North Korea. The Trump’s administration’s launching of 59 cruise missiles on Syria last week, in what was a flagrant violation of international law, was no doubt a calculated signal from Washington that it is willing to use massive military force whenever and wherever it deems, regardless of legalities.

The implications from tough guy Trump is that North Korea is next to be decimated. It is already under cyber attack attempting prevention of it internal activities. How many million will die? North Korea is another sovereign country demonised just like Vladimir Putin in person and Russia as an independent country threatening no one as being the ultimate evil when in fact we may find out it’s nothing of the sort. North Korea has invaded no one, has little to do with Western ‘culture’ and largely keeps to itself. It is building nuclear weapons because the U.S. flies it nuclear armed B52’s threateningly along North Korea’s borders daily, why shouldn’t North Korea feel threatened? If it was happening here in New Zealand in a threatening manner would we also feel vulnerable? But Kim Jong-un is responding to this threat by building his own nukes so that he can strike back if required, probably a forlorn hope unless he gets a first strike in. But this is the state of play with American enforcement of rules they make up as they go.

Worse it is absolutely apparent that the U.S. war lords want war with Russia. So many times we read that the U.S. neocons want Russia destroyed, (the last example being the article written by Robert Kagan to the Washington Post calling for more confrontation) the decades of culture, fine music, dance and architecture blown off the face of the earth leaving us with Hollywood and the insipid programming all about how great and powerful they are. 

This folks is the choice being offered indeed promoted by our disgraceful media as the best way forward and I say enough is enough. With an election coming around in New Zealand lets ask out hopefuls what they are going to do about bringing our troops home from all stations overseas as we are only serving the interests of the U.S. hegemony subserviently. Our voice at the U.N is wasted as we only serve U.S foreign policy and when ever has the U.N. stood up to American aggression and condemned the U.S.? We will be asking these questions of our politicians. What are you going to do about creating world peace, are you endorsing our nuclear free status? There is no special prise for being a U.S. ally. Indeed we must refute and reject Washington’s calls.

The reason is the U.S. make up lies about non existent threats and the create chaos by subversion of pressure groups in a country with the CIA being the greatest instigator of violence world wide. Of that there is no doubt. Yet we blindly follow these murderers believing the media lies spread daily about how honest and good the West is compared to anything else your hear or see. Indeed the moron CIA director Mike Pompeo just recently labelled Wikileaks, Julian Assange and his associates “demons” and accused WikiLeaks of siding with the world’s dictators and endangering the security of the “free world” with the help of states like Russia. This all the while forgetting that Wikileaks simply publishes material from official sources revealing the criminal behavior of the US government. Wikileaks doesn’t steal the documents. The documents are leaked to Wikileaks by whistleblowers who cannot tolerate the immorality and lies of the US government. Yet we blindly follow these murderers believing the media lies spread daily about how honest and good the West is compared to anything else your hear or see.  Paul Craig Roberts write “Washington is a collection of morons, people stupid below the meaning of stupid. People so far outside of reality that they imagine that their hubris and arrogance elevates them above reality.”

If we don’t fight for peace it will completely disappear and we are at this tipping point right now as demonstrated by the mass murder in Afghanistan and the implied threat to North Korea. Trump has not only failed to drain the swamp of Washington idiot- hawkes who simply see the world as a playground for their bombers, he has become the biggest swamp crawler and can’t be trusted with any decision or agreement. Regrettably for all the world he sits in control of thousands of weapons of mass destruction and is the most unstable of people to be in this position. He and the U.S. is indeed the most serious threat to the continuation of all life on earth as he has already shown that he is going to use these weapons with the MOAB bomb used to destroy the homes of hundreds of people in Afghanistan.

Malcolm Eves 16 April 2017

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