TPPA-11 (The Zombie TPPA) – It’s Our Future

KW: This summary of where New Zealand is in relation to this ‘trade’ agreement is pretty  accurate. The National Government pushed ahead with a zombie agreement that doesn’t include the U.S. but make allowances for the U.S. to become part of the remaining 11 signatory countries agreement at a later stage. You have to accept that without gaining access to the U.S. market there is no reason for the agreement to exist at all and this zombie effort is more in the hope that Trumps presidency will be short lived and then the globalists behind it all will regain their power once more. The pressure from the globalist elites will be tremendous and explains why Japan has folded and also decided to be one of the 11, Japan being completely under Washington control. Sign the online petition to Jacinda Adern to not proceed as the Nats sneakily were going to do.

Source: TPPA-11 (The Zombie TPPA) – It’s Our Future

Professor Jane Kelsey remains active in her opposition to the deal proceeding as you can see with this link below.

A reminder to Labour about the TPPA

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