TPPA dead in the water at last: Why do some NZ commentators continue to believe it was a ‘free trade’ agreement?

The Trump victory has finally consigned the TPPA to the bin, certainly in it’s current form, yet here in NZ our government has invested heavily into a treaty of the globalist elites pronouncing it ‘free trade’ when the main body of the treaty was the description of the powers the multi national corporations would have over the sovereign laws of signatory countries. How come it is only Trump who saw just how this treaty was going to impact his own country and our own government and its commentators are all in favour? We were hell bent on consigning our national laws to the trash in favour of multi national corporates.

The TPPA was an agreement that was central to the US globalist establishment as represented by ‘their candidate’ Hillary Clinton and her announced ‘pivot towards Asia’ having first completely destroyed the Middle east militarily. It was seen by many as a mechanism for US multi nationals to challenge the emergence of China as a global trading and military force. Globalists are behind the de-stabalising of nations and the implementation of trade deals according to their terms the world over with George Soros as always in the thick of it. Right now the city of Florence in Italy is facing being sued by multi national company McDonalds for $20m in ‘lost future profits’ because the Florence city council disallowed McDonalds to build one of their stores in what the Florence people deemed to be a sensitive geographical site. The NAFTA trade agreement already allows this sort of practice and the TPPA only enhances these powers further. Obama was pushing for the TPPA and TTIP (with its fines for any government daring to impose standards that cost these multi national companies money) as one of his legacies. Now on the bright side, these “trade” agreements to enable corporations to block public laws protecting the environment, consumers and society at large are now presumably dead.

Of course Trump recognised that multi national corporations of the U.S., companies like Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Monsanto do not bring their corporate profits back home for the benefit of America and Americans as redistributed through the tax system. Mostly they employ hundreds of accountants and lawyers to disguise earnings and file their global returns in tax havens virtually avoiding any contribution in tax to the Federal government in the U.S.  Multi nationals are not patriotic companies for America in that sense, they are simply the means of the elite owners to extract massive profits for the elites and avoid contributing to the benefit of society wherever they are. Take Apple as an example. APPL sits on billions of cash hidden in accounts all round the world. As an APPL shareholder this is your asset, but do they pay this out to shareholders in dividends? Hell No! The corporate owners and directors keep this locked away for themselves, shareholders and the customers are only the pawns that enable the company to be this money making machine. I don’t think Trump is impressed by this sort of behaviour and he’s stated that getting these companies to pay up their fare share to the Federal government will largely eliminate the need for tax increases, the reason why he is introducing tax cuts for everyone.

The globalist agenda appears to have hit a wall with Trumps victory and they are reacting badly to his election making sure the riots continue in cities around America busing in rioters from other states to keep the reaction going, as Soros is doing right now. The Hawke’s Bay Today published and article today quoting ‘Special Trade Envoy’ Mike Petersens comment that world trade is now ‘a lot more complicated’ because TPPA is dead his main emphasis being dairy access to the U.S. yet he goes on to say’ NZ is still in a strong trading position’. Yes it is, look at the agreement with China, now we can complete agreements like that with who we wish individually and without multi nationals being able to over ride sovereign laws of the signatory countries. Lets face it, the claim of the TPPA proponents was that it was only going to increase New Zealand’s GDP by $1bn in 20 years time and now there is no reason why that still can’t be the place with much more safety.

Frankly we should all be rejoicing. Thanks Donald Trump!

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