TPPA rears it’s ugly head once more, Here is the survey results

KW: Secretly or not so secretly depending on your perspective the National Government is pushing for a dumbed down trade agreement based on TPPA to proceed. It’s dumbed down becasue it contains all the restrictive clauses that sell our sovereignty to foreign corporates with ISDS clauses continued but without the better (profitable?) access to the U.S. market as the prize for this ‘trade-off’ as Trump has canned this. The issue is for everyone that Trump may not be president of the U.S. for much longer and then with this agreement in place it would be easy for the U.S. to become part of the new treaty and we are back to square one again. U.S. corporates rule the world. Don’t be fooled by increased trade talk, this agreement is as bad as the original just more surreptitious. National are selling off our sovereignty, its simple as that. Here is the updated party positions.