US Coal Miners “All Sold Out” For 2022 | ZeroHedge

“Our challenge in America is most producers are all sold out.”

Source: US Coal Miners “All Sold Out” For 2022 | ZeroHedge

KW: News that coal miners are all sold out in the U.S. for 2022 comes as no surprise to people who think. Here in NZ as PM Jacinda adern swans off to Glasgow for the global summit on controlling greenhouse emissions (along with Joe Biden who arrived in his 75 vehicle motorcade to completely destroy any idea that it was to tackle climate change and greenhouse emmisions with new policies) we know that the NZ government is importing shiploads of inferior grade coal from Indonesia to keep our own near obsolete coal fired power stations at Huntly and Meremere. Ignoring the hypocracy of this is hard but it satisfies Greenparty members like James Shaw who is also off on this worthless junket to Glasgow. Not only do we spend millions on imports when we have superior grade coal sitting in unused mines in NZ, it makes a mockery of the greenparty policy on banning coal mining in NZ. The U.S. won’t be holding back on mining for the foreseeable future, nor will the Chinese. Suck on that Greta Thonburg!

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