War Mistress escalating war rhetoric

U.S. United Nations Ambassador and war mistress Nicky Hayley is escalating the war rhetoric as she tells an emergency meeting of the U.N Security Council that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is begging for war with his abusive use of missiles. Our media dutifully is reporting the feed from U.S. mainstream media making out that Kim Jong-Un is the evil and North Korea is a ‘rogue state’. No one is asking the important questions about who is the real rogue state and I suggest it is NOT North Korea. Shamefully in last nights leaders debate neither Bill English nor Jacinda Adern said they would hang up on Donald Trump if he rang them to enlist New Zealand’s military support for what could only be an invasion of North Korea because the other alternatives are simply too gross to contemplate ever happening.

The only war country in the world is the United States, at war and killing (droning) people the residents of nearly a dozen countries as I write and turning once progressive countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria into devastated wastelands now pledging to multiply the agony for Afghanistan by a massive increased military surge against resident Afghanis.

The successful tactic the U.S. has employed so far is that the CIA has been able to infiltrate these countries, aligning itself with small dissident groups, coercing them, then providing arms to these small minorities(friendly rebels they called them in Syria) and agitating these small groups into taking up arms against their governments all paid for by Washington to effect regime change as is starting now in Venezuela. What gauls the Americans is that in the case of North Korea the CIA has had no penetration whatsoever and can’t do this. North Korea only too well remembers the utter devastation of napalm that the U.S. used at the very end of the Korean war in 1953. Such was the needless slaughter of innocent civilians by U.S. forces that it left General Douglas MacArthur a disturbed man verified by his speech to Congress on his return from the war zone when he spoke of the unbelievable slaughter of civilians. Since then the borders of North Korea have been sealed and the U.S. has had no influence in that country accept by rhetoric.

This is why the aggressor in this confrontation is the United States regularly flying their nuclear armed B1 Bombers over North Korean territory from Guam as well as practicing war games (called Operation Decapitation) with South Korea. What is Kim Jong-Un to think is going to happen apart from his country is going to be invaded once more?

Trump and his military junta are enraged because Kim Jong-Un is thumbing his nose at the Americans. This is his only ‘crime’, a small country telling the Americans to get stuffed! North Korea has not invaded anyone, sought to conquer any other country or attacked foreign nationals. It seeks to develop its own nuclear capabilities, sure, this needs to be measured but so has so many other countries. Western media is pouring more and more hate onto this fire to marginalise North Korea but lets think of what could possibly happen. When you run any analysis it’s insanity.

An invasion of North Korea by American led forces can only result in a massive ugly bloodbath particularly the slaughter of millions of Koreans North and South of the artificially imposed 38th parallelNorth Korea is capable of of hammering Seoul with conventional artillery that some have estimated would result in millions of lives lost in the first two hours. The South can target the North military positions in retaliation and wipe them out and Pyongyang is reachable. Perhaps the U.S. mainland is not touched but once more millions die as the result of American pressure.

A smaller ‘surgical strike’ by the Americans would be misunderstood by North Korea as being the precursor to a larger scale invasion and would risk retaliation with nuclear weapons bringing American fear to the fore. Just perhaps could North Korea be capable of striking Los Angeles or San Francisco? This is the only reason why the U.S. has not already invaded North Korea, doubt about North Korea’s nuclear capability. Certainly Seoul, Tokyo and U.S. territory at Guam all places where thousands of Americans are stationed in military bases could be reached and destroyed with millions of deaths. Either way it’s insanity. Nuclear war is not an option for this globe.

As Fininan Cunningham wrote, “A solution is at hand. It simply requires the U.S. to start abiding by international law and to renounce its genocidal prerogative to destroy other people. The stronger powers in the region, Russia and China, must insist on this basic requirement. They must state clearly that all-party talks should be convened immediately and that all sides must commit to peaceful settlement. No exceptions, no excuses. Is this possible under Trump?

What is ultimately problematic – and the world will see this – is that the United States as we know it under its ruling system will not abide by this simple solution. It is inherently a warmongering rogue regime whichcalling itself the exceptional nation arrogates the right to cast the shadow of annihilation on the rest of the world.”

Malcolm Eves

5 September 2017

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