Why Kiwi Watch?

I spent my professional life advising clients about their money and investments; ordinary folk you meet in the street every day, business folk with entrepreneurial flare who have taken financial risks to set up businesses, workers and administrators and similar folk about life risks affecting them and investing their spare dollars into markets to accumulate wealth. Recommending solutions to these issues started virtually from the time I graduated out of university in my early twenties to my ‘retirement’ from the financial industry around age 60. I say retirement euphemistically because it was really a ‘walk out’ rather than a planned exit at the time! Basically I had become an employee of another organisation after they purchased my practice and their expectation was that I would follow the hierarchical formulas they had created to make them money rather than work out what clients really expected needed or wanted. I discovered I was not an employee at heart!

I had considered my financial advice to be good advice and I always did my utmost to give the best considered advice based on the years of experience with market booms and slumps……until gradually things started to make less and less sense leading to my exit from the industry I had loved being part of.

The 1987 share market crash was a lesson about bravado going mad, especially here in New Zealand but generally things recovered well until another lesson was learnt courtesy of the 1994 bond market crash. This taught more humble pie about market risks for investors where you didn’t expect to find them but once again it seemed financial authorities had the measure of market forces and we all celebrated rising investment values again based on confidence in a new digital future until it too collapsed in a massive technology rout that saw the NASDAQ spectacularly massacred in 2001.

It was about then that worrying concerns about the future started in my mind. I had always helped people calculate how much they needed to ‘save for their retirement’ but simultaneously also wondered just how would things work out when all the baby boomers got to retirement age? What happens when people now living longer start drawing down on their investments, what happens when people spend less due to ageing? After 2001 market crash the recovery created by Greenspan’s low interest rates meant that investors started looking for yield in what turned out to be disastrously dangerous ‘fixed interest’ investments. More than that it became apparent that the financial manipulators of Wall Street plus the subservient fund management and financial industry that hung onto Wall Street’s coat tails was simply manipulative and corrupt. We got to 2008.

As you know financial engineering and fraudulent ratings awarded to septic products flogged to an unsuspecting public by Wall Street banksters caused chaos when they collapsed. In my homeland of New Zealand $billions was lost in over-rated financial organisations that went bankrupt based on property speculation charged by low interest rates. No one from Wall Street went to jail. Locally a few were taken to task and jailed. The massive money printing regime started: TARP, ZIRP and QE and more were unleashed – globally. The consequences of these policies are still not understood.

For me a disgust had set in. How could anyone honestly know how to advise clients on investment issues/products when the industry is run by white collar crooks and the regulators and ratings agencies were accomplices in the crimes? I decided that with Central Banks simply printing money, zeroing interest rates or taking them negative so enriching the few, I had no place in trying to decipher good from bad when the truth about the realities was no longer apparent in any logical fashion. Good news had usually driven markets higher. Now it is bad news such as more money printing being necessary, becoming the driver.

Financially engineered products was and remains the only way to make money using derivatives, something in practice I was unfamiliar with due to the fact the local market had so little choice, if any choice at all. Banks have vast offices full of people making huge incomes using derivatives; options, puts, calls, ‘going long’ or ‘shorting’ in markets for anything with bank-run HFT’s (High Frequency Trader Logarithms) and ‘Dark Pools’ skimming profits from markets 24/7; the average punter has no chance unless he becomes a trader too so this was the way ahead, central banks became the major market players, the little guys saving for retirement were simply pawns in the mix getting or about to be screwed. It is not a world for an adviser trying to help people get ahead. I was out!

In my disgust at what had become an industry without conscience I researched more and more trying initially to understand financial events even though I was no longer advising clients. In my journey of discovery I found many sites dedicated to exposing the corruption of the financial elite as well as the political elites. It is all tied together. The geo-political world has deteriorated so much and the world lurches towards a dangerous standoff perhaps confrontation and potentially a world war that would be the final of war of all mankind. That governments in the West are dishonest was a ‘given’ but digging deeper and deeper I discovered just how corrupt, insanely devious the West has become. It started decades ago perhaps with the assassination of John F Kennedy but I suspect the real plunge into the depths of insanity came about on 9/11. Since then millions of people have been slaughtered, maimed, made homeless, families broken as war has decimated the Middle East with country after country being blown up and made dysfunctional.

And so to www.kiwiwatch.org.nz a free website (no advertising) made available to everyone and at this stage funded by me. This is my effort to bring awareness that news broadcasts on television, radio or print are so biased towards perpetuating propaganda and lies about virtually everything I considered important in what is really going on around the world. Investigative journalism in mass media has long ago died; journalists mostly puppets repeating stories (lies perpetrated by mainstream western press) they were told to repeat either by print or via television news without further scrutiny.

For New Zealanders our news has become captive to news from United States media outlets. Not much original about New Zealand, a lot about what the US is doing! Who cares about US league football, baseball, the Kardashians or some other reality program? Additionally do you notice the capitulation of our television programming towards violent programs emanating from Hollywood, a complicit part of mind conditioning and control? Of course misleading information also comes about by omission, leaving out what we should know, not including what is important.

This is why I decided to make available to anyone a website bringing to your attention news from journalists who research rather than repeat, that you will not read or hear in mainstream and may challenge even enlighten as to what is real and what is not. I hope to post two, three maybe four links per day or every other day on Kiwiwatch that I hope you will find interesting and make you think. Note: I don’t have a mortgage on truth and some of the posts I may not agree with myself, but we need to question everything and to be aware about what is going on, what our governments are up to. 

Your ‘subscription’ to receive an email advising of new posts is free and your identity will be protected and never sold. I hope you will enjoy the site. Feel free to make comments and also share among you friends.

Malcolm Eves