Ive been inactive for a while now but certain thegs bare comment

Take this commentary for a moment.


Its Tucker Carlson on Twitter (you can follow him on Twitter now becasue he got fired from FOX News for something they didn’t like to hear on their Chanell)

What he says, expressing his right to do so freely is about the Biden family, particlarly Hunter Biden and his criminal exploits in both the bedroom and in extorting big money from the Chinese as well as back out of Ukraine. It castes a great shadow over Joe Biden who can denigh he didn’t know anything about all the money flooding into his bank accounts But more importantly it says a lot about the moral health of America

Add to that the information out of Saint Petersburg where a meeting hasa been hed with the attandance of more thatn 81 different countries and thousands of delegats to once again hear Vladimir Putin discuss with them important global issues. Hang on I hear you say: ‘Did you say Putin?

He is a social outcast No one would listen to him’ Well that is not the case People are wanting to engage with Russia and Its leader not isolate as yoou can see by the entries inthe agenda

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