5 eyes and more lies

Today most people heard the news for the first time that there was a ‘5 eyes spy conference’ being held in Queenstown where New Zealand has the infamy of hosting FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director Mike Pompeo as part of this conference. Regrettably our media seem to make out that this puts New Zealand in an exalted place in an international club with lofty and humanist goals that PM Bill English says is for ‘combating terrorism’ and ‘protecting citizens all round the world’.

This is nothing like the truth and is powder coating to what is the worlds most comprehensive, elaborate, espionage alliance in history or as Edward Snowden of WikiLeaks has disclosed, a “supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn’t answer to the known laws of its own countries”. Pompeo sees the WikiLeaks revelations about CIA activities that has alerted the citizens of these 5 countries that they are being spied upon by their own governments in the most subversive of ways as a “hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia” and likened Assange to a ‘demon’. It appears the Trump administration is preparing an arrest warrant for Assange who is in political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and whom Trumps men argue is not protected by the First Amendment. Hillary Clinton infamously questioned whether the CIA could ‘drone him’ due to WikiLeaks exposure of the Podesta emails leaked at the time of the U.S. Presidential election that so helped Trump’s victory.

The truth about the 5 eyes activities is something that the CIA and FBI want shut down immediately from public knowledge primarily because global subterfuge, murder, misleading information, lies and illegal activity is the primal activity of these organisations far from ‘protecting citizens around the world’ as poor Bill English claims. It is a disgrace that New Zealand is anything to do with this group of spies and we should insist on exit from these activities immediately. What WikiLeaks publishes is documents forwarded to it by people who see the extent of illegal activity of the CIA and FBI.

Regrettably we are under the control of these psychopathic morons and meekly are providing them with sanctuary in our country so presumably they can bring all the vassal states attending this secret ‘control’ meeting within the 5 eyes network up to speed with their next clandestine activities. Maybe having rotated off Russia as being capable of fixing the American Presidential election (are Americans that dumb that they believe CIA lies that Putin rigged the election in favour of Trump? Certainly Comey has no evidence of this despite months of trying to find it) they are now revealing the attack they are planning on North Korea, a country now so threatened by nuclear annihilation that they retaliate with childish threats themselves.

That North Korea has been marginalised by every media report in all forms of media that is CIA controlled is undeniable. Not one report has shown a positive side to North Korea and Kim Jong-un ever, so all of us believe he is a madman threat, but who is the real madmen? North Korea has attacked no one since the cessation of the Korean War hostilities (1950-53) when it endured merciless bombing by the U.S. military that killed millions of it citizens, some estimates, 30% of its population and despite this pastmaster at childish threats North Korea has invaded no one compared to the U.S. fighting wars in 7 foreign countries. Who should we be afraid of?

Part of the lie machine against him and North Korea is the recently screened 20/20 TV claim that his half brother Kim Jong-nam was recently assassinated by two recruited and unsophisticated women attacking, prank style’ for small-change money in an airport using VX nerve agent, a chemical listed by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction. The preposterous notion unchallenged by any journalist is that these two unknowledgeable, unprotected  females could swipe Kim Jong-nam using one of the worlds most toxic poisons, a mere droplet causing instant death and they survived whereas he died. Such outrageous rubbish and lies from our media form our opinion of North Korea as a world threat as Trump is now trying to make out. Surely if this had a vestige of truth the two woman attackers and the surrounding people at the time would all be dead as well? But such are the lies we are fed to make out the North Korean leader is a just a stark raving mad murderer, a threat anywhere in the world, but this is the near exclusive realm of the CIA not North Korea. It seems the threat of a U.S. attack on North Korea is very real. This surely is why North Korea is scared and has a paranoid leader who pushes for a nuclear deterrent itself. We would feel the same if our borders had nuclear armed B52’s patrolling every day with the intent of wiping your country off the face of the earth.

Assange responded in comprehensive fashion in a podcast, accusing Pompeo of attacking him “to get ahead of the publicity curve.” “In fact, the reason Pompeo is launching this attack is because he understands we are exposing in this (latest Vault 7) series all sorts of illegal actions by the CIA, so he’s trying to get ahead of the publicity curve and create a pre-emptive defense,” Assange said.

But to the main point, 5 eyes is not about protecting citizens. It is about spying and controlling populations the U.S. way and we in New Zealand are part of this criminal activity. Indeed the murder of a countries citizens is not out of the question with the CIA so it could just have easily been the CIA responsible for KimJung-nams death. Five eyes is not for celebration or rejoicing, it’s shameful but don’t expect our political leaders to tell us the truth, they are well sold on alliance to the U.S. currently with Gerry Brownlee doing the chest beating. Having the head of the CIA and FBI here in New Zealand is cause for shame, these perpetual manufacturer of lies and psychopathic manipulators of truth should not be our allies.

Malcolm Eves, 24th April 2017

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