9/11: Those 28 pages


A day forever embedded in the minds of millions as we all watched on television the apparent attacks on the New York twin towers and the fiery collapse that followed. Who could forget the sight of trapped office workers jumping to their deaths 100 or so floors below.

The narrative has been repeated for years, indeed ever since that day September 11 2001. Arab hijackers commanded by Osama bin Laden hiding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan managed to avoid the most comprehensive and sophisticated air defence system in the world that protected the U.S. east coast and having only had a few hours experiencing flying single seater or twin engine light aircraft managed to fly commercial airliners accurately into the twin towers, the Pentagon at ground level and a Pennsylvania field, that aircraft having had the hijackers over run by brave passengers thus avoiding a crash into populated areas.

Ever since then the US has been at war in the middle east so far having rendered Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria into failed states with millions dead, maimed and wounded, millions displaced from destroyed homes in cities, town and villages and chaos everywhere where once there was relative calm and control, even if some times it was brutal.

But now is it possible that this narrative will be challenged and will 9/11 truth escape from the secrecy of suppressed files and documents that have been hidden from scrutiny and review and the real culprits exposed? Is this too much to hope for? There is a legion of people world wide who don’t believe the 9/11 narrative as told by the U.S. government and our daily news sources. Continually side-lined as conspiracy theorists perhaps it’s now possible to reclassify these people as conspiracy facts seekers, because a cover up is now exposed. What we do know for sure is that the U.S. government and western media controlled by Washington neocons and Wall Street has invested heavily into keeping the truth locked away from not only their own population but the whole world. They have repeated ad infinitum the story they want us all to believe that 19 Arab hijackers were solely responsible for the 9/11 destruction and now any story change will completely alter the way people understand the past 15 years.

Obama has a major problem because it is acknowledged and apparent beyond any doubt that there are 28 pages of suppressed documents that have not been released from the official reports into the tragedy. There are moves afoot to have these documents released but this has resulted in an immediate threat from none other than Saudi Arabia to threaten a retaliatory response of selling all their US government treasuries and bonds, around $1 trillion worth, that would sink the US market into a calamity of its own if Congress passes a bill that allows victims and relatives of the twin towers tragedy to sue Saudi Arabia as liable and legally responsible for damages as result of the 9/11 attacks.

Well, The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act as just been passed by Congress, the only way that it can be stopped is for Obama to use his Presidential veto against the bill. If he does this then he sides with the Saudis against his own people seeking truth and justice for their lost loved ones. If he doesn’t the cat may escape the bag completely and not only will we find that the Saudis were actively involved but who else?

The risks for Obama are huge and what lies will he come up with should he veto the bill? Already the Whitehouse is saying that ‘it could expose Americans overseas to legal risks’. What? Anyone with a clear head would think that the American government would be right onto finding out who committed the gravest crime in U.S. history, but this is not what it has been for the past 15 years. It is suppression of truth, following the destruction of evidence and blaming a few desert folk who managed to apparently thwart the most sophisticated intelligence service in the world.

It’s a pity that they only spent a meagre $15million on the 9/11 investigation, hardly a drop in the bucket to investigate the worst crime in U.S. history producing a report so weak in detail that thousands of Architects & Engineers are seeking another investigation into the twin towers collapse. Now the Saudi reaction to the possibility of these documents seeing the light of day is extraordinary in itself. Why would they be so jumpy? What is there to hide and why would they threaten such a retaliation?

And who else could be involved? The Israeli Mossad is named by many as an entity that could be involved and the unholy alliance between the Israelis and Saudis over much of the destruction of Shia Arab lands is well documented. Will these 28 pages also point the finger at Israel?

A pity too that there was no aircraft debris, no bodies, no bags, no engines like you always see in other plane crashes found in the Pennsylvania field. Nor any aircraft debris (apart from a piece of placed wreckage on the front lawn 50 meters from where it logically should be) at the Pentagon from the airliner that supposedly crashed into it flying an impossible ground level trajectory. And a pity too that World Trade Centre 7 seemed to symmetrically collapse at free fall speed on the afternoon of 9/11 without being hit by a hijacked airliner or sustaining any significant damage, but this is probably getting us too far ahead in this story for now.

I still think that the U.S. government has invested so much into the 9/11 narrative that for them to open up the can of worms even slightly is just too great a risk. One worm escaping could be enough for the whole story to unravel.

Malcolm Eves 20 May 2016.

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5 thoughts on “9/11: Those 28 pages

  1. Hello Malcolm,

    Good on you for raising the 9/11 issue. I’ve a little bit of a critique about the framing of the truth of the 9/11 conspiracy. Whilst there might be some fire amongst the 28 pages implicating the Saudi Arabians, that in itself is insufficient to explain the full extent of the 9/11 crime.

    For a start it would have required the complicity of key US military and administration personnel to conceive and execute the 9/11 plan. It required both time and access to all 7 World Trade Centre buildings which included the Twin Towers and the Pentagon to place the various explosives and cutting charges to bring about the resultant destruction witnessed. Photos 5 & 6, of this series of six ought point to something odd about the destruction to WTC buildings 5 and 6.



    1. Indeed a crime and remains an amazement to me that people remain so gullible about the events on that day
      1. No plane debris in Pennsylvania, no bodies, no baggage no jet engines, yet Hollywood has apparently made a movie about the heroic passengers that overthrew the ‘hijackers’. Complicit Hollywood
      2. No evidence of an aircraft hitting the Pentagon, and if there was a commercial airliner then an impossible flight path that would have caused it to crash long before it got to the Pentagon at ground level. The worlds most security videoed building has failed to produce any evidence of an aircraft strike
      3. World Trade Centre 7 is so definitely demolition I remain astounded that some people remain convinced a fire brought it down.
      4. What about the explosions that so many fire fighters and rescue workers said they heard or were affected by at ground level.
      5. …and just where did 227,000 tons of steel in each building disappear to. 85% of it remained cold and retained its strength properties but it turned to dust

      And it goes on but here is a good summary of the story, what I have learned is that actually people don’t want to know the truth, they would rather believe the lie

  2. The truth of this 9/11 tragedy is way over due. The truth that came out of the govt investigation was minimal but the lies; there were mountains of them

    I for one saw a photo taken of the entry site that showed absolutely that a rocket or missile hit and penetrated the Pentagon outer wall
    That photo was taken before the section of outer wall was pulled down.(to hide the evidence most likely). Yes one large circular hole, far to small to be a jet liner and not a trace of any plane debris anywhere apart from the few construction items which were associated, I suspect with the upgrade/rebuilding of that portion of the Pentagon outer wall at the same time..

    This photo was certainly taken from inside a truck cab from a higher level than the flat lawn area immediately in front of the Pentagon wall which was mainly covered with sand. This was evidenced by, part of the off side(passengers side mirror, was showing on one side of the picture.

    No one will ever convince me it was a plane that hit that building and I certainly was not under the influence of alcohol anything for days before that or ever taken any drugs so yes it was a rocket or missile that damaged that building which was on fire inside.. . Period

    This telling photo was on the net within a few days of the evil actions by a few people whom had to be holding very high offices for many months or possibly some years before 9/11 while all this criminal activity to plan and coordinate the bringing down of the the towers and the strike on the Pentagon which could never off happened with out the organization in advance by these high office holders.



  3. That is a good summary of the story to you and I Malcom, but Gregfullmoon raised his doubts and for that reason I suggest that he watches the Toronto Hearings on 9/11, yes, all 5 hours of it! All his questions will be covered by those speakers featured in that hearing. And, for good measure, he should watch any YouTube clips from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

  4. As a pre-amble to my previous comment, I was a serving firefighter in Leeds (UK) on 9/11. After the event, I was waiting for changes in our SOP’s as a result of what occurred that day. Low and behold, no changes ever came, and I was still expected to run into buildings which might “potentially” collapse on me at any given moment. Ironically, when I joined the fire service, during my training I was singled out to go see a psychologist because they thought I was ‘insubordinate’. The psychologist ran his tests and concluded that I was of ‘above average intelligence’ and that I ‘thought about what I was being told to do before I did it’. Scary eh?

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