An American Trauma Surgeon Responds –

KW: PCR has got to the point where I suspect he is just sick and tired of the lies about the Las Vegas shooting. We are too and are firmly of the opinion it is another false flag event just like 9/11 – an elaborate hoax event that has MSM only stating over and over the lies about what the event means, who is responsible and why.  The real conspirators are MSM and the undisclosed people who are behind these events. From the article reproduced below itself, sobering

Regarding your question “Why then are what clearly seem to be crisis actors employed?”.
I’m going to take a wild guess. They are preparing us for war and so they don’t want the people to see blood and guts and just how horrendous the injuries are as it might cause people to think about the reality of war. The shocking images would make people fear what war will do to their friends and family and then they will object and oppose the war mongering of the politicians.
They used actors to make being shot seem not so bad – your clothes stay clean and you are soon up and about again – so “Let’s have a war, it’s nothing to worry about”.

Source: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds –

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