Big Call from Rickards: Biden Won’t Be Democratic Nominee

KW: This is a big call but actually what else can they do ? To elect a demented person as President you too would have to be mad and no Trump is not demented yet; vain, stupid, arrogant, conceited, incompetant, a bully yes but not demented

Jim Rickards

Joe Biden won’t be going to Milwaukee for the (largely virtual) Democratic convention. That’s because his cognitive decline has happened so far, so fast that it can no longer be covered up or dismissed. My expectation now is that Democratic insiders will force him out in the next week or so, and Biden will “release” his delegates. 

The Democrat power brokers will get in a room, pick a new nominee and direct the super-delegates to support that choice. This will start a stampede among the former Biden delegates. The Bernie Sanders delegates will already be onboard because they’ll be part of the consultation. Then the new nominee will pick a VP, the “convention” will tidy things up, and we’ll be off to the real election race. Sound far-fetched? Actually, you can see this coming a mile away. Start your watches.

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