Cancelled concert calls Lorde to meet Israel’s ambassador to NZ – NZ Herald

KW: One can only feel for Lorde who took the brave, logical and sensible decision to cancel her concert in Tel Aviv now that she took time to understand the appaling treatment of Palestinians by Israel in a land they once owned but has been stolen from them because of Israels illegal settlement and occupation of those lands. Not to mention the manner in which Palestinians are harrased each day as they attempt to complete commercial trading. Now she has the pro Israel lobby on her case and they will be unrelenting in making out that she is the problem, she is the one spreading prejudice in the world and she should back down and come to Israel (all at our expense of course) and let us show you just how loving towards Palestinians we really are. The pro Israel lobby is the most powerful in the world and woe betide anyone who dares make a slur on Israel in any way. We support Lorde in her stance although she will come under tremendous pressure to overturn her decision. She needs to talk with former Pink Floyd bass man Roger Waters to get an idea of just how powerful the Jewish lobby is as even a star of his magnitude has endured the balckmail of the Jewish lobby forcing concert cancellations outside of Israel for Waters’s band. Notice how subtle the statements are, ‘music should unite not divide’ making the issue a Lorde problem not recognising that Palestinians are daily divided in their own country.

Israel’s ambassador to NZ invites Lorde to meet as she cancelled her concert in Tel Aviv.

Source: Cancelled concert calls Lorde to meet Israel’s ambassador to NZ – NZ Herald

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