France’s Macron Just Gave Away The Plot With His Outside Voice | ZeroHedge

Source: France’s Macron Just Gave Away The Plot With His Outside Voice | ZeroHedge

KW: Now it’s getting iteresting, just as a war has broken ot in the gold market due to the new standards that have been set by the IMf itself! The worlds Central Bank of central banks the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has set new regulations that require a net stable funding ratio appliny to all member banks and need to comply. Unanounced in mainstream financial media this Basel111 regulation will make it uneconomic for LBMA (London Bullion Bank Members) members to continue to trade in paper (it doesn’t exist) gold and applies from the end of this month onwards, with the LBMA needing to comply by the end of next January. The gold price we all know has been the largest gound for price manipulation of any market and the current price pressure is the result of $46billion of short positions in the gold trade markets as bullion banks try to drive the price lower to exist losing positions as fast as they can according to London Bullion dealer Alisdair MacLeod.

Now the little turd French President Macron has announced he he wants to transfer power over the global money supply to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by eventually doing away with Central Banks and as previously stated on this site in quotes by (U.S. commenator) Jim Rickards comence ‘world money” as per this article from Zerohedge. This was his directive when Rothschilds poured huge backing into his Presidential campaign.It’s all staged folks and you and I are not invited to the party to have a say

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